Weather Change = Crazy Horses

look at the temps on Monday wtf? 

Yes it was 85 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday morning it was 54 degrees at 6 am. At 10 am it was 51 with lots of sun and a brisk breeze. BRGHHHH The good thing is no bugs and no fans on Thursday yay!

But first on Wednesday afternoon, I went out to check horses and stumbled across an odd looking creature covered in mud. It was kind of creepy.

Related image
Not this but pretty close I think…
This is the mud monster I happened upon. ICK
Could it BE any grosser? I think not.

Disgusting horse. Since Stephanie got stuck at work and couldn’t get her out to help me get on him and it was a muddy mess outdoors anyway he got a bath. It took a lot of elbow grease and hose power to get that mud at least off a bit. It was in HUGE chunks. Really gross. He still needs another bath but I got him semi clean. Remus was NOT happy at all. (It was a cold water bath oops, at least it was still warm out at that point, and Tate screamed for him because we were out front of the barn and he couldn’t see him from the stall (stall door is open ,stupid pony) he finally figured out to come to gate so he could find Remus). But too bad, so sad. Remus, you are a disgusting horse. He even had it in his ears. After bathing him I stuck him in his stall where he promptly rolled but that was okay fresh shavings for the win. Later on I let him out with Tate and when I walked out Thursday am he was still pretty decently clean for him. He is getting so dappled too.

I at least don’t mind petting this monster….:) PS the camera adds 300 lbs LOL

Even Tate is less disgusting today for some reason than usual but don’t get too close and you will see the mud on him! HA

His butt still shows mud if you peer closely 🙂

But onto the weather change. My desk working from home faces the window which has the pasture alleyway they use to go to the main field. And I sat there for 30 minutes on Thursday morning watching my crazy ass QH fly around like a banshee with Tate in full pursuit. Even TATE had his tail over his back. Crazy weather = crazy horses….and then some!

I attempted to get photos but either got them standing still catching their breath OR one fail of Remus flying by I got his butt. He can be speedy when he wants. Well he can do a fast lope, well semi-fast anyway….

This is it. but you can see his feet are actually moving 🙂 HA HA HA

Remus leaped and squealed and took off and slammed to a halt, spun, and went back out. Tate tried his best to keep up. Finally they stood and huffed and puffed a bit…..and then they did it all again! I am glad Remus did this though as we are supposed to get on him today (Thursday). Fingers crossed it happens. Farrier is coming today too!

Buckskin is recharging….running is hard!! Especially overweight and in mud 🙂

Did you get some cooler weather and if so did your horses show the ahem….craziness?? I know it is still warm in some areas so sorry to not have everyone enjoying this glorious weather.  I have to say no mosquitoes, very few flies and the cool breeze feels like paradise out there.

But I might need to find some warmer clothes soon! And I need to do inventory on my sheets and blankets and find out how many I really do have. (Hoarders of blankets/sheets unite, I should start a support group)!

Image result for hoarders unite gif
me with sheets and blankets lOL

17 thoughts on “Weather Change = Crazy Horses

  1. This weather is nuts! Once minute it’s 50, the next it’s 82. Today it’s low-mid 70’s and raining. But I’ll take those 70’s! Jamp got a little wild on our walk the other night. But I think it was because it was dark out and not so much the temps as it wasn’t too bad out.
    I hope you get to ride tonight!


  2. You already know H’Appy was feeling like Remus yesterday 🙂 It went from mid 90s all week to upper 60s and raining this morning with high winds thanks to Michael. But this weekend is supposed to be glorious. I want to take him out on the trails if they aren’t totally sloppy.

    Did you get to ride? Did you survive??

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  3. I like the cooler weather to be honest. It means a whole lot less work from me to get Scarlet moving. Plus I always ride in long sleeved sun shirts so its much more comfortable at low temps vs in the 90s.

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