Happy Anniversary to Mark & Me! AND I Rode!

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16 wonderful years πŸ™‚

Mark and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary today (October 12)!! Happy Anniversary to us!! I can’t believe in some ways it seems like a zillion more years than that and in other ways it feels like last year!!

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But as nice as that is there is way more exciting news. As Amanda told me Remus’s retirement is officially revoked as ofΒ  yesterday!

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Sorry Remus!

YES I RODE MY HORSE. Yes this is a freaking miracle. Yes I made Stephanie get on him first #onceawimpalwaysawimp I had this feeling he was going to be bad. Spoiler he wasn’t.

One reason might be he is so damn fat he can’t really get out of his own way. But for whatever reason even though he was a bit tight in his back he was good as gold for Stephanie who was so brave to just climb aboard him not even knowing him. Ha boy will I throw my friends under a big fat buckskin bus? YES I WILL LOL

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at least it was a pretty safe buckskin bus! πŸ™‚Β 

And then I had to get on. And I DID! We started out riding in the paddock where the footing is atrocious and not very even. But it was the only kind of contained area so we started there.

Thanks Stephanie!
Yes I am leaning forward yes he is fat!

Then I actually walked out and down the driveway. This is huge for nervous me. I wouldn’t have done it if Steph and her husband Henry hadn’t walked with me but Remus was so good, on the buckle. And the trash truck came and a thousand other things that some horses might have melted down and he just stopped, looked then kept on going. What a good boy.

SO we didn’t do much but I did get on. Now to find somewhere to haul him to so I can ride in a ring. But I am hopeful I can hackout on our dead end street at least to get him out and about. We locked Tate in his stall and excpet for two or three lonely whinnies it was all fine. Remus could care less he was going places!

SO YAY US! Now to get back on again SOON. Going to try to ride this weekend!

Happy pair!

18 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to Mark & Me! AND I Rode!

    1. lucky i signed up for the 18 inch jumps right? AND I just looked at forecast. Rain starts today and goes till WEDS> ARGHHHHHH I am so done with this up and down weather…..

      He really was a good boy. I think he enjoyed getting out and around even if it was just down the drive. πŸ™‚ Thanks (Hippo Remus is going to get you for that) he seems to live on air. πŸ™‚


  1. Ya yay yay! So glad Remus is out of retirement, and just in the nick of time judging by the size of his belly πŸ˜‚πŸ€£. But really, so glad you are back in the saddle and that he was fantastic. Excited to hear how the weekend ride goes!


    1. well monsoon season hit us since that day so no riding again yet UGH:( And neither he nor Tate have stepped outside except to switch stalls (as you do!) since Saturday. UGH it is so gross and muddy and COLD! WTF


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