Rain (& Cold)Delay: How Tennessee Does Fall….

So one ride in I am still one ride in. Why? Well because monsoon weather came back to TN. We had exactly 2 days of nice fall-like weather before the temps plunged and the rain came from the sky. And it hasn’t slacked up since.

Banks overflowing
No island (poor turtles lost their sunning place!)

Our pond is full. As in water over the banks and the island of trees in the middle is now just trees in the middle, there is no island anymore. This is insane. When you walk in the yard you leave footprints. The dogs leave footprints and they weigh 16 lbs. Imagine what my field looks like. With two horses running like idiots around in it.

SO far Remus still has his shoes and bell boots on (I THINK, it is hard to see under ten lbs of mud). Remus was anxious to be on this blog though somehow so when I went out to take photos, guess who came to join in??

And cold. It is COLD. It was 42 this am and it is still chilly out there now. I went out to take photos and had to put a hoodie on and all my winter clothes are still packed. Thank god for this one RW hoodie I kept out. But I need to find the rest LOL this thing is going to wear out quick. The wind chill is real today.


It is supposed to stop raining after today but still be brisk. The issue is that the ground is so saturated right now it will take a while to dry up.Β  I have utilized all three stalls in my barn so I can rotate to clean when it is pouring outside (Or when the mud is so heavy in the paddock that I prefer to keep the horses in). This way I can put one in the middle stall while cleaning the other stalls. It works. But dang it is gross out. I put Tate up last night only cause the doofus was standing in the paddock in the dark last night shivering (They have two stalls to choose from he has OPTIONS, DUDE). Idiot pony!

Remus is bringing his dapple game on though! πŸ™‚

Meanwhile the show on the 27th is barreling toward us. At this point I will happy if I get to ride one or two more times before the show. UGH. And Remus’s mane hasn’t been pulled yet because my fingers are so cold I can only do one or two strands. Okay enough whine? Wait there is more! πŸ™‚

The first day it was fall like (as in under 75 degrees!) I finally bought some mums. Now they are drowning and haven’t seen the sun in five days….

so cheery (and wet and cold)

The day before this rain/cold blew in we did manage to cut some of the big field out front. We had to remove part of the fence to get in there. There is only one access point to the field and that is thru the paddock area which means getting past rough terrain and the hot tape. So we pulled off four boards and got through up by the road. We will replace that with a gate. The way our terrain is it is like a soup bowl (The pond is the soup) so there are high ridge walls (i.e. the bowl rim) around the pond. It is flat up by the road in that part of the field so I am hoping to be able to utilize that as a hacking area when it dries up a bit. And once we finish cutting it it will be relatively flat to work in. But I did allow Mark to drive the tractor and do some cutting while we were out there…which is a rare sighting since I don’t let him on it often! HA

Gentleman farmer at work:) HA

The neighbor just cut his field next door again (he has his horses at his house around the corner) so I am going to ask if I can maybe hack over there as that land is really nice and level. I hope he doesn’t bring his horses over there soon so I can get in there first πŸ™‚

Have fun at FHI this week, all who are going. I am really bummed to miss it this year. But that only means I need to start planning on other venues to go (NotRolex is one).Β  Have a blast all and load up on photos/media for us people staying home! But since I am freezing in my house right now, maybe being home is the right thing? πŸ™‚

Image result for staying home gif
I should always run my life using Joey and Chandler as guidelines!Β 



21 thoughts on “Rain (& Cold)Delay: How Tennessee Does Fall….

  1. oooof I am hoping this cold is a somewhat temporary situation and we get at least 1 week of nice fall weather. I am probably delusional. I will say it though, I prefer this to the 100 degree weather with high humidity and bugs. There, I said it!

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  2. I swear Texas and Tennessee must have read the same Farmer’s Almanac because we always seem to have the same weather. It’s been monsooning here since like Saturday. I cannot imagine being out and about and taking care of horses in this wretched weather. Since Rio is tired from the show I am sure he’s perfectly content being bundled in his stall for a few days, but then this weather totally needs to chill so we can get back to work!

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    1. yes what is with this? I don’t need to have the same weather as you πŸ™‚ And yes this getting up to feed and muck no matter the weather..ummmm is not fun some days (those days it is raining or cold) HA!


  3. The RW hoodies are the best! I love mine πŸ™‚

    Fingers crossed you get to ride before the show- if not, you guys will still do awesome. R will dazzle everyone with his dapples- always good to have that as a backup plan.

    You DEFINITELY need to plan on going to NotRolex. DEFINITELY.

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      1. I have the burgundy one and the grey/teal one. They’re so cozy! Soooo unsurprising that yours is purple πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ HELL YEAH- NotRolex next year is going to be a blast!

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  4. Again, I have nothing to reply that won’t get me yelled at. I’m annoyed that the weather is getting back into the low to mid 80s this week and y’all are trying not to drown while doing chores. :joy:

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