Oops, I Think I Did It Again

Image result for oops i think did it again gifAhh Britney….the minute I went to get on my horse again I had this song pop into my head and KNEW it would be the title of this post today! HA! But yes dear readers. I actually rode again. And even better. ON MY OWN. All by myself! Sing with me!

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Now this song is in my head. Somebody STOP me..

Now before we get ahead of ourselves, I didn’t do anything crazy like trot or canter. HA I simply hacked my horse out down the drive and up the road a bit. Which is huge. Those long-time friends of mine know what a true utter wuss I am. But it was gorgeous weather and I thought hmm can I do it on my own?

the winter coat is coming in big time!

Why YES I can. Remus was perfect. Seriously. I tacked him up on the cross ties and he was kind of like where are we going? His ears go forward and he is ready to go! Tate screamed his fool head off in the barn the whole time we were out and about but Remus never even blinked about that. There is a WHOLE world to see, he thinks!

Where we go? Me actually on my horse!!

The first thing I did was walk him up and down the drive leading him because Mark was not home yet and I was a wuss (see above). HA. But after walking up the drive (and spooking at the cardboard and then making him stand on it after he spooked) we ended up down the end of the drive by the road, where our neighbor stopped by to chat in his side by side. Remus managed to check everthing out in the back of that utility vehicle while we chatted. (Don’t be rude Remus!). If he could have crawled in it with the guy he would of. But he was pretty chill while standing there and had his one back leg resting. He also tried to eat the scarecrows (after being scared at first). Oh horse. Never change.

So I told my neighbor I am going to try to get on. So I did. And we went for a walk. Neighbor left but Remus and I walked up and down the drive and even down the road a bit. Mark came down the road and was shocked to see me actually riding. I had put my phone down so only got the photo of Remus’s ears next time I will try to keep the phone.

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SO OOPS I DID IT AGAIN. I rode my horse. And didn’t fall off or throw up. That is huge.

Related imageI know who am I and what have you done with Michele? right? I didn’t trot though I thought of but the ground was still really soppy and there is a barbed wire fence right by where I was riding sooooo figured not a good time to try that. The neighbor has a flat field right by my house he told me to open the gate next time and go ride in there so yay. He is bring his horses over there this weekend to graze so this should blow Remus and Tate’s minds and make them get some exercise. Ha.

Mane pulling has begun. I wanted a before (I have pulled a bit it was even longer) then when I am done I will do an after shot πŸ™‚

So we may only be able to walk next week at the show but at least I will be able to get on the beast I hope. Rain tomorrow supposedly which might have been one reason I got on yesterday. Not sure if I can get on today or not have to see how the day goes (I totally snuck off work a bit early to hop on while it was still light out yesterday it is getting dark so damn early!). YAY ME FOR GETTING ON MY HORSE (I know this is silly but it really is huge for me!). Ha ha

Image result for this is huge gif
Why yes I am!


16 thoughts on “Oops, I Think I Did It Again

  1. YAY YAY YAY! So happy for you!! So glad the weather let up and you were able to enjoy some of it! Not sure I would have trotted in sloppy footing next to barb wire either, I don’t think that makes you a wuss. Can’t wait to hear how riding in the neighbor’s field goes!

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  2. YAY!!! I know that feeling of really wanting to but being hesitant. You’ll have a lot of fun in the field next door and next up is trotting and cantering. Glad you had some nice weather. It was 52F this morning! Brrrr…Gemmie refused to leave her stall, H’Appy was a kite on the end of the lead, and Pete was in the mood to play and annoyed the snot out of H’Appy until he agreed. Gotta love the fall πŸ™‚

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  3. Next song on the playlist: “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now”…;)
    “We’re on the move! We’ve got the groove!” LOL
    (Ha, this attempt to be funny is going to backfire so badly as I hum this for the remainder of the day)

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