Fall Is Here For Sure: Winter Coats, New Friends, Dapples, and More!

How many shades of buckskins can you see in this dapple coat? 🙂 Love how he gets darker and lighter at the same time! 

BRGHHH it got cold. I turned the heat on this am, I just can’t work at home without it being a bit warmer than 60 degrees in the house especially when I have to go outside in the am to clean and feed in the barn. BRGHHH

IMG_6907 (1)
I love that we still get Fall colors this far South!

But Fall has exploded around here. It is low 30’s at night and 60s or so in the daytime so lovely. Bugs are nonexistent except in the late afternoon sun in the barn where I proceed to spray the shit out of them! Ha.

New friends…Remus in love….rolling eyes

I didn’t ride this weekend due to other things going on but we had some fun horsey stuff going on no matter. First up we got new neighbors (We have an open field besides us that the local small animal vet around the corner owns). He turned his horses (they are usually around the corner at his house) out in this field now we have cooler weather. So Remus (and Tate) have lost their tiny teeny brains over this update. HORSES OMG WHAT ARE THEY OMG I MUST STARE AT THEM ALL DAY LONG. Yeah. Einsteins neither of my horses are. Dumb and Dumber for sure.

Image result for dumb and dumber gif
Remus on the right, me in the middle, Tate on the left

There are two appaloosas and two paso finos out there. I think they are older, and I don’t think they do anything with them but I am trying to figure out how to steal one of the appaloosas. HA they will never notice right??

IMG_6868 (1)
This one I will take
Or this one is cute too.

Remus goes out in the field and stares at them most days. So after they arrived I was a wee bit nervous about getting on so last night I decided finally I was going to lunge my horse at least to get some cardio in. HA. I finally bought a lunge line at the tractor supply the other day and used my purple dressage whip as a lunge whip. No one ever said I was a great trainer 🙂 Did they?


I did pull Remus’s mane more and banged his tail (it was dragging the ground AGAIN) so at least he is starting to get a bit less feral looking. Still a ways to go for sure! But I managed to finish cutting the flat part of our field up by the road so knew that was an area I want to ride and/or lunge so up we went to lunge. OF course we have to walk by the horses to get there and they all swarmed the fence to get to Remus. And Remus pretty much lost his shit (Tate screaming back in the barn doesn’t help either tho Remus seems to like the new horses more than Tate who really is just his punching bag)!

Image result for dumb and dumber gif
Either one could be Tate or Remus. Who knows LOL

So we got by the herd of horses that might EAT REMUS and then got up to the gate area where we can get into my field. Untying that rope across the opening, holding Remus, who was still looking at those horses with bug eyes was fun, but he was good as gold standing there. Of course he started eating. Sigh.

At least he has dapples right?

Now to the funny part. I attempted to video him lunging. OMG so much fail. But so worth listening to the commentary as you watch. He would NOT stop eating while trotting. But he did 10-12 minutes each way and was huffing by the time we were done. So at least that has to help right? He also cantered each way but no way in hell was I videoing while he was dolphining all over the place, squealing.

Here he was trying to eat but you can listen to me try to make him pick his damn head up. This is not the one that will make you laugh though it might make you giggle.

This one is comedy gold. EVEN me listening to it last night had me rolling on the couch laughing so hard. STOP EATING!!  Seriously don’t watch at work if you don’t want to laugh out loud.

But the good thing is that I will attempt to do this every day at least a bit and that has to help get him (and me) in a bit better shape. Right? HA. The good thing is he is not eating as much grass or hay due to staring at his new-found friends. Whatever works, buddy.

Image result for i love you gif
Remus all day to the four horses…sigh

Winter coats are coming in with a vengeance too (Tate has been growing his since AUGUST but Remus’s just started this week and is coming in fast and strong). I am refusing to sheet or blanket anytime soon but jeez I don’t want winter yet. 30’s at night is a bit brisk so sure that and the declining daylight hours aren’t helping the fur growing!

IMG_6934 (1)
Hello winter hair….I have not missed you

So how was your weekend all? Was Fair Hill great?  Did you go somewhere to show, trail ride or do something fun? What was your weather like where you are? Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Pardon big QH ass in the way of the shot of the horses LOL

23 thoughts on “Fall Is Here For Sure: Winter Coats, New Friends, Dapples, and More!

  1. “I need 4 arms” OMG don’t we all?! LOLOLOLOL He’s such a pig haha. I desperately want to get Amber out and let her play her heart out because I know she’s feeling fantastic with this cooler weather but alas – strict instructions from the vet. It’s nice that there are more horses around! Although perhaps not in your/Remus’ case but that Appy IS super cute. I’d take him home too haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i seriously was like thank GOD he is not wild because that was an accident waiting to happen. LOLLOL Yes i am serious about stealing that appy or both 🙂 The pasos are cute too but i don’t do gaited 😉 HA

      and Remus is so oink oink 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. hahaha I yell at Remus all the time you can tell how scared he is of me 🙂 I know i love that app!! I thought of you first thing 🙂 HA HA HA H’appy would be very happy to live there 😉 HA


  2. I have no sound here, so couldn’t fully enjoy your vids. Booo! Maybe later!
    Your weather sounds much like ours, except we keep getting rain. And yesterday was so windy I thought I might blow over… with a high of 45. Shoot me now please. At least it was 60 today!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Those dapples tho…my oh my!

    And yay for banged tail and less mud! In the current field my three are in, burs reign king. Ugh. To prevent any future burs in my three, they’re all sporting braided forelocks and tails done up in mud knots. Bit early for their tails to be trussed up (I do it all winter to keep out ice and mud) but damnit, the burs!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Remus has his priorities straight! I so feel him on the wanting to eat rather than exercise. Scarlet’s got a super fluffy coat already and we really don’t need it in SoCal. I’m trying to convince myself that giving him a trim won’t be a pain in the ass.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. My neighbor has appies too….and I never thought it would be annoying to have horse neighbors but it is, because they are always riling up my guys!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES like he is fixated on them. I had to lock him up last nite because it was COLD and RAINY and dufus brain would have stood out pining over them all night 😦 HORSES>…hahahaha glad you understand!


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