Repetition Is Not A Bad Thing? At Least We Are Consistent

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Go on, get on, go on, get on and repeat…

Yes, Remus has been lunged now three times this week. (I only lunged last night on Tuesday evening due to the darkness coming in fast). I do have to trim the grass lower in the field up front though. Chief Can’t Trot With His Feet in High Grass (how is that for a show name?) is having trouble keeping upright in the tall grass. LOL. It is a lot of heft he is carrying around.

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Hefty Hefty Hefty (is Remus)

I did get Remus moving out more on the lunge on Monday (an actual lunge whip is needed badly, he knows that dressage whip is purely for show). And I had put his saddle on to lunge him in and dragged a muck bucket down to climb aboard with and brought his bridle as well (This is a LONG walk to where I ride, I need a golf cart stat) so I figured I might as well climb aboard. Guys,it does NOT get easier. The fear, it is real. BUT I DID CLIMB ON. (PS muck bucket = mounting block is the ultimate in class I know, so sue me HA). And he was great. Well we didn’t get a whole lot done but we hacked around at least (Chief Can’t Trot With His Feet in High Grass again)!

Why so stern? I was trying to figure out how to fit both our rather large heads into the selfie!

I caved and went to Tractor Supply and bought a mounting block on Tuesday. So am planning to ride again today after lunging. His trot is coming out fantastic and the uneven but gentle rolls in the terrain is making him have to work his booty!! I am really having fun having him in my backyard. Would I love a ring and people to ride with? Of course, but it is nice having a horse you walk out the front door and call and he comes up to the fence or that nickers when you walk out to do bed check at night in the barn.

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Nighttime ritual….of course minions

Speaking of the barn? For some reason my horses are house trained this week? They are spending nights out in the pasture (last two nights when I walked out in the morning they were asleep out front by the fence nearer the new horses). So the stalls are pretty good. I did them yesterday and didn’t have to do them again till this am. ONE pile of poop is not bad.Β  Remus still does his gazing at the new horses he is in love with.

Grainy but Remus is to the left and Tate to the right πŸ™‚

I hope they continue this trend when Mark has to tend them in November as he is dreading it (remember the last time he had to do it was in July with just Remus and Remus had just arrived, it was hot as fire, bugs were horrible, and we were just starting out horsekeeping at home). I think this will be easier as long as we dont have buckets of rain…..Fingers crossed. I want to find someone to help out (like to come during the day to water and check) but haven’t found anyone yet.

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We need a Mrs. Doubtfire for the barn LOL!

What else have we been doing? Well Remus has started helping us with chores. Remember that long-ass driveway? Well, I had to get the trash can last night so my horse went for a walk with me to get it. I was like what is he going to think about this rolling bin with noise. He was FINE. LIKE FINE. He is so stupid and spooky about man-made things, I was shocked. He just walked beside the trash can like he had been doing it all his life. Sometimes he can still surprise me :)!

I got a video but it is so dang herky jerky I don’t dare post it. But let’s just say he doesnt mind loud rolling things. Now if I can get it while on him will be the true test! HA

I truly treat this horse more like a large golden retriever lately than a fancy event horse.Β  Speaking of events. Gulp. Our show is this weekend on Saturday. Not too many horses are signed up which helps considering Remus is a country horse now. HA. He would freak out with too much stuff going on so I am hoping this is an easy intro back into competition. At least the footing should be better there than at my house.

I want to lunge and ride more this week, but also need to clean tack, bathe the horse (I dont care if he is dirty again by Saturday but he needs a true bath to get some of the summer grunge off him) and finish at least pulling his mane to an iota of civilization. We shall see! If we can keep trotting in our walk trot test and trot all the baby jumps we will have done well on Saturday. I have my doubts. HA HA HA HA And work has exploded this week, but of course it has.

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Me…every damn day

Has this not been the LONGEST WEEK? How is it only Wednesday!??? Happy Hump Day! In one way I want it to hurry up and get to Friday but in other ways noooo I don’t!

22 thoughts on “Repetition Is Not A Bad Thing? At Least We Are Consistent

  1. Concur on the never ending week. Last week went quickly, and this week is dragging! I even had a half day at work yesterday and it still felt like the longest day. I’m so excited you’re getting out to the show this weekend- I totally think you and Remus will kick butt and absolutely be able to handle trotting jumps and a dressage test. HAVE FUN!

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