Here Comes the Rain Again: Can I Have Some Cheese With My Whine??

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Man I loved this song back in the day, now not so much! πŸ™‚

I am so done with this. We had a beautiful start of the week. I went out and bought a mounting block and BAAMMM nonstop rain that was supposed to be done last night….is still pouring outside. I would not be surprised if our show is cancelled tomorrow. It is that bad. Mark was like what do you expect it always rains when you sign up for these things. And I was like YES UP north. NOT IN TENNESSEE. Why did that damn luck have to follow me? Because it is me? Maybe πŸ™‚Image result for just lucky i guess gif

ANYWAY, we shall see how this goes. I have not done a thing with Remus since Weds due to the rain. His shoes are still on as of this am (In fact he is locked up right now due to it pouring and the mud is so thick and I will let him out later if it ever stops raining. Tate is standing out in the mud outside the open stall he could be in, idiot pony). I even put a sheet on Remus yesterday first time this year but it was 40 degrees and pouring and he had been up all night and I wanted him out to stretch some. Poor guy is like, what is this? I locked them both up last night knowing Tate’s tendency to stand outside Remus’s stall till he is shivering away out there, ugh.

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Tate is Piglet of course and Remus is……duh POOH! πŸ™‚

I have no real photos or media from the last few days due to the damn rain. I am just sitting here at my desk trying to warm up with my space heater after doing the barn chores. You know that feeling that you are wet through and through? Yeah I got it. UGH. Does anyone have good weather on the forecast with fun horsey plans ahead? (I think the Northeast is getting a northeaster this weekend so I can’t complain too much so I will just sit over here with my whine and nibble on some cheese too). Happy FRIDAY AT LEAST….shakes fist at weather….Image result for shakes fist gif

Maybe I should just take a page out of Ollie and Gretchen’s book and go nap on the couch. No I have a bunch of work to do today, meetings, oh, and need to clean tack and figure out what the hell I need for tomorrow! LOL Fun times!

The life, they do have itΒ  πŸ™‚Β 

22 thoughts on “Here Comes the Rain Again: Can I Have Some Cheese With My Whine??

  1. I actually threw a sheet on May last night too. She has shelter in her field, but the damp air and rain developing overnight was enough that I thought she’d appreciate the sheet!

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  2. I hear you. Rain does suck this time of year and the 40* rainy days is what makes me like summer so much more than fall (humidity and bugs notwithstanding LOL). I have my last show on Sunday and it is supposed to rain (and probably snow tomorrow). So yay at least I don’t have to worry about sparklingly clean pony and tack? *sigh*

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      1. Or stop in the middle of the test and turn her butt to the wind/rain hahahahaha. She has opinions! I am hoping they do warm up outside and the tests in the indoor LOL! Hope everything is still on for you tomorrow!


      2. trailer is hooked up for us it is a go (Nothing like going to a show without even trotting once around a ring in 6 months ha ha haha)!! I hope turkeys or whatnot don’t show up in your (OR my) dressage πŸ™‚ Ha if Ellie turns her butt I want video πŸ™‚


  3. My barn was planning on going to a hunter pace this weekend despite the nor’easter. I was all, Seems like an awful idea, BM. And BM was like, We shall persevere!! Then the pace got cancelled and I threw a party. πŸ˜›


  4. We squeaked in a ride with friends yesterday before the wet and cold arrived. Finished our ride RIGHT as the rain was starting to come in. Wind was wicked though. Still, glad we could get in some miles before we surrendered. Now all my ponies are blanketed. Sad because it’s only October, but my new norm living in this area!

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