Poop Happens: What To Do?

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110 percent Remus and especially Tate! UGH

Well POOP!

We are deep in shit now, poop happens, and manure overflow. (ALSO IT IS RAINING AGAIN SOB).

The water has nowhere to go!! UGH

However you state it we have two horses who you would think wouldn’t seem to produce too much but when you have two pigpens like Tate and Remus, well, it does seem to collect fast.

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Seriously Tate

I have a manure pile near the barn that is reaching mountain status. I turn it pretty regularly (WHEN THE WEATHER ALLOWS US TO GET THE TRACTOR OUT! UGH). I put an ad on NextDoor and Craigslist but got nothing (I could get everything done with those two sites in DE, here nothing, whether it be handyman, repair work, or even giving away horse poop. HA).

Image result for mount everest gif
Okay maybe not this tall but it is getting there…LOL

So what do you do with your manure/poop etc.? I have been researching it and just want to know what people do. My land is not set up for us to spread it in a manure spreader (and we don’t have one anyway). The hills and terrain are too rough to pull a manure spreader around. I used to board at a co-op and we all chipped together for a dumpster but not sure if that is worth me doing (and the cost might be prohibitive). I could put a sign out but we live on a dead end street so that won’t help. Just thought it might be good to find out what people do with their poop (horse poop only please LOL).

New Stuff and On the Road Again

In other news, I got a new headlamp I am very excited about!! This one is way brighter than my Lowes one and I got it at Riding Warehouse. It was not cheap but I love it. The only issue was it came in this nice box with NO DAMN DIRECTIONS. I did finally figure out how to open it and insert batteries but dang people….directions would be good. I had to figure out how to use it as well. Lucky I am nothing if not perseverance inclined! And Mark can have my Lowes one now. Let me tell you you need one here with the time change.  (I also got a new coat from RW after selling my new one that didn’t fit to 3daysadventures!  Thanks for buying it). I will do a separate review on that newest coat later).

Blue of course since they didn’t have purple 🙂

I am on the road tomorrow. Wish Mark luck with everything. Tate was standing outside in the rain this am. UGH. I hope he doesnt do that when it is 27 degrees this weekend. YES 27 degrees. Overnight on Friday and Saturday. AND next week a few days of high 30’s-40s. Where do we live? Brghh

Have you all met my pregnant sleepy gelding, Remus? HA He was mid-rolling flat out yesterday again. He loves his snoozes!

I had to tell Mark to be sure to unhook and drain the hose this weekend. I am going to put one of Remus’s sheets on and hope for the best (I am pretty sure Mark can take it off Remus okay if need be since Remus is essentially a Golden Retriever) but Tate is going to have to suffer. He is an idiot and will stand in the rain and get soaked and then have a wet sheet. He is too stupid to go into the OPEN STALL DOOR. SMH. Plus Mark has a hard enough time getting him to come into the stall to eat. Let alone putting a sheet on or taking a sheet off him. He is very, very stupid (Tate not Mark)!

We had some sun yesterday for like five minutes. Remus enjoyed it immensely!

Tate has enough hair (and mud) on him to keep him warm. I hope. Between the dogs and the horses I am stressed leaving so long. I have plenty of hay in, I have shown Mark the ration balancer measuring cup, and told him no more than what is marked. He knows where the supplements are. The horses won’t be too hot so won’t need fans and won’t need fly spray. I just wish we had less mud. I told him if he isn’t sure to err on the side of caution and just give them more hay if it is cold. The dogs will be fine except it is a long day when Mark is at work. He is going to work from home or take off a couple days next week but a few days will be long for the kids. (I still haven’t completely ruled out taking Ollie with me! LOL) Thanks Mark for taking care of them. I really need to find help for these times but so far no one seems to do this around here (See above about Nextdoor and Craigslist)!

Image result for good luck gif
To Mark 🙂

Signing off now hopefully I may get one or two blogs written in the next week…we shall see. Have fun everyone and stay dry. UGH. And if anyone has the “poop” on manure management insight, let me know! 🙂

Two of the cutest butts around. Man I am going to miss them!




23 thoughts on “Poop Happens: What To Do?

  1. When I boarded Dublin at a private home, and just leased the barn, we did the dumpster method. It was pretty cheap as it took a while to fill up for just two horses.
    I’ll post a pic of the coat in my next blog!

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  2. I am most familiar with the fill-a-dumpster & pay to have it hauled away method of poop management. Horse manure isn’t the best for gardening/landscaping apparently so that can be hard to convince people to come get it.

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    1. hmm I looked and all I found was renting a dumpster for 15 days and it was almost 400 bucks. I will have to keep looking….wow. So you use that for your trash and your manure? Good to know thank you!! 🙂


  3. I am lucky where I am… there is a large gully in behind the property where the horses are and we are allowed to dump the manure down the hill into it. It’s quite large, so I never have to worry about the manure pile getting too big… it naturally just falls apart and breaks down every winter.

    As for when we move, we will have to come up with a different system as our barn at home will not have that, haha. We are thinking of making a little area with interlocking construction concrete blocks and piling it in there. Once it gets full, it will be moved from there to a dump trailer and we will have to take it to the landfill. Thankfully, our landfill is free so we can dump it at no cost.

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  4. Our barn has a huge manure pile back in the woods. It’s nice in theory, but with all the rain I can’t get the manure pushed to the back of it because even I sink into the pile, let alone the tractor. I wish I could rent a dumpster; I’d be all over that option. My previous barn used a dumpster until the trash contract got switched and the new company wouldn’t do it. Then they took half the manure to a nearby farm/orchard which used it for compost. They used a little trailer and hauled it over once a week. The other half went to a local barn that had a huge manure pile and allowed our barn to add to it (they had like 100 horses so the 5ish horses worth of poop going over there was nothing to them). If you find a good solution, let me know. I also live in the middle of nowhere and could use suggestions.

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  5. Hmmm..the dumpster idea is a great one. I’m going to look into it myself. We don’t have much of a pile since ours are out pretty much all the time but even with that I hate the poop they do leave behind.

    Have a safe and fun trip!

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  6. I rent a dumpster. They come and haul it away to dump when I call to let them know it’s full. It’s actually through the same service as my house trash, and since my family all uses them, they don’t charge me to rent the bin, just the dumping.
    You could try calling whoever picks up your trash, they may do manure too.

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  7. Re: the poop. I took up gardening and built raised beds, filled them with the manure pile contents, rest gets spread in the fields 🙂 If you Google composting methods, I’ve had great luck composting the giant pile into a way smaller one that’s essentially dirt by covering the pile and adding perforated pipes to allow air in.

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  8. I rent a roll off container (dumpster) from the trash company. I have two.. one for our trash and one for the manure. I worked out a deal with them to only charge me for pick up of container and mileage if I found someone to take the manure. Otherwise, the dump’s charge (calculated by weight) is much more. We didn’t want the hassle of dealing with random strangers coming to get small truck bed loads of manure (that we would have to help load with our tractor). You might try calling the trash company to see if they have any creative ideas to keep it more affordable!

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