I Made It: What A Drive (Not In A Good Way)!

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Longest DRIVE EVER! OMG. So the weather gods were against me on Friday. Thursday I got past Knoxville but didn’t leave on Thursday until about noon so did pretty good. But Friday I was hoping to get in before dark. I must admit I did not. But I made it. After dark.

For the first few miles after leaving the hotel Friday morning, it was not bad, the sun came out and I got to see some GORGEOUS Fall foliage for a few miles in the Smoky Mountains. And then rain opened up on Friday and never freaking stopped raining. SO all that rain in Tennessee I have been fussing about. Welp, as bad as it is when you are home it really is worse driving in that shit. SUCKS HUGELY.

Traffic was slowing to a crawl for road work at this time so i took a quick snap so everyone could see the misery that was the drive! Such grossness

At some points there was no visiblity at all. AT ALL. And going through the smoky mountains at the same time….was crazy. I think I saw a total of 10 accidents (One roll over on Thursday with no rain, two or three other rollovers or spins on Friday, one tractor trailer that had tipped over and a few other fender benders of various causes). One note: SLOW THE EFF DOWN PEOPLE. I had people flying by me. Just because it says 70 does not mean you should do it in pouring rain, mist, and road conditions the way they were. Oh and at one point on I85 they had about 25 miles of road work with one lane getting by. SO yeah 40 mph is fun and more fun is worrying about men at work in those conditions. I can’t believe they were out there working in that mess.

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Not how you should drive out there, just saying!

I am so sore today just from sitting there so tense driving with both hands on the wheel. And once I got on the bay bridge tunnel (an hour from my dad’s) I was gripping the wheel so tightly I lost feeling in my hands.

But I digress. I made it. It was a long trip but am at Dad’s now. I head to DE Sunday then to MD on Tuesday then back to VA on Wed evening or Thursday then herding cats (It feels like) to get my dad moving so we can get on the road by Friday to head back to my horses, my dogs (OH AND MY HUSBAND! LOL).

Image result for groaning gif
How I feel everytime I move!

Hope everyone is having a good horsey-filled weekend. I sure don’t have any horses around.ย  And I miss them! Didn’t realize how much I got used to my little farm life.

I hope my soreness goes away from sitting in my truck so long. Everytime I stand up I groan. HA! And I get to drive 3-4 hours tomorrow. At least maybe I can put my audible on as it was raining so hard I could not hear it on the drive(true story)! I was on the road about 5 hours on Thursday and about 10 on Friday. What is the longest you have driven? UGH I would never make it as a long haul truck driver…

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17 thoughts on “I Made It: What A Drive (Not In A Good Way)!

  1. Glad you made it safely. Those conditions are awful ๐Ÿ˜ฆ People are in such a rush these days. Slow down!

    You know the start to my weekend sucked but the fitter is coming today, I secured an eval ride with a Trainer for next weekend and things are improving.

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  2. Ugh. Those are THE WORST kinds of drives! I always appreciate having a good audio book or podcast for those times to help my body remember to CALM THE FUCK DOWN IT’S OKAY. Or yeah..numb hands.

    HOpe you enjoy your visit!

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  3. Ugh driving thru nasty weather is the worst. For some reason every time I drive to NC I manage to choose the absolute worst times. Funny enough Iโ€™m actually in TN right now…. but will miss you completely it seems. Womp.

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  4. Oh gosh… We’ve done the drive to NJ a couple of times and have gone the other way to Wichita (roughly the same distance), and I think we are slowly deciding to be the kind of people that just fly. It’s fine when the sun is out, but it is MISERABLE if the weather goes south.

    Fingers crossed that your trip back is easier.

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  5. I went from Michigan to Tryon in September in a single day solo. That was an ouchy 13 hours of driving at once. I broke the return trip up into two days. I’ve done Connecticut to Florida in a team of three people driving two cars. I’ve done Florida to DC and back. We’ll be doing Michigan to Myrtle Beach, SC for Christmas.

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    1. OMG that has to be horrible. Michigan to Myrtle ick. Also when i was a lot younger I drove from Maryland to Fort Lauderdale (yes Spring Break) in 18 hours straight I am too old (Or too smart) to do that again ๐Ÿ™‚ HA


  6. Last Christmas our normal 5-ish hour drive up to my parents turned into an 8.5 hour ordeal.
    Major accidents on the divided highway had it closed, with only one other option to go North, which was single lane. And let’s be real… knowing how poor the divided was, I didn’t feel comfortable heading up that way. Would much rather get in an accident where we are all going the same directions vs head on.
    Not fun. Over 100 vehicles involved with several semi’s. My bestie’s parents where in the middle of it and just about got creamed by a semi but he took the ditch instead thank god. It was terrifying and the worst I have ever seen that road.

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