Remus Is Not Brave, But A Scaredy Cat, Yes!

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Remus pretty much

I have such a brave eventing horse. Um, not. Remus is usually spooky about stuff but usually jumps spooky stuff just fine. It is the day to day stuff that gets him going. Manhole cover on trail….OMG it might kill me. Wild Turkeys in the next field. HELP CALL 911 I might die (says Remus). Now it is a haynet. Yes a haynet. The same haynet he eats out of in the third stall (No hayrack in there). Um. Yes I am so proud (No I am not). Rolling eyes….

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If Tate is less spooky you know there is a huge problem as he is the one usually terrified. I am considering putting stilts on Tate and riding him rather than climbing aboard spooky Mr Buckskin lately. Not only was he scared of the haynet BUT lately when I go into the barn he doesn’t realize I am there (Tate who was the spooky one pokes his nose out for a pet as I walk in. Remus is in his zen state or something and reacts like a cougar has just opened his stall door.) Mind you I am a talkative person (hahahaha shocking right?) so I am usually babbling away at them as I walk in the barn doors and lately I have been closing the barn doors so they make noise when they roll open. HELLO REMUS, this cannot be that much of a surprise. Sigh.

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Me most days in my barn…

But today took the cake. (Vimeo is acting up so I youtubed this shit thanks May As Well as Event for directing me there!) It is cold again (24 this am with wind chill of 16 wow) but the sun was out and the stalls were gross so I wanted to feed their hay outside while I cleaned the stalls. I put some by the gate where Tate was eating and after Remus finished his grain I put him out by the back door of the barn where the ground is firmer but not mud frozen. I also decided to hang the haynet somewhere different (i.e. at the back gate of the paddock) due to the ground being more forgiving there.

Image result for trex gif
Pretty sure this is what Remus saw…instead of a haynet

And yes I don’t think Remus would have been more freaked out if I had a T-Rex stabled in the stall next door.Β  Laugh along with me πŸ™‚

But the ultimate icing on the cake? Yes. Tate says yum. Remus refused to go to it and eat at the haynet and instead a few minutes later I looked out and saw this. Tate says EFF You you big mean buckskin. I got this yummy hay all to myself. Scaredy cat Tate says…pfft….to Remus. Ha ha ha ha

(Non)brave buckskin loses out! Are your horses scared of certain things? Or is mine just the biggest weenie in the world??

Whuts that…get away from me, purple haynet(Also look at that frozen gross mud that will thaw tomorrow when it hits 60 degrees…sob)

24 thoughts on “Remus Is Not Brave, But A Scaredy Cat, Yes!

  1. Hahahahahahahaha. Oh my goodness, Remus! Hahahahahahahahahaha, this gave me a good laugh in an otherwise boring afternoon! (my math group is taking an assessment with their classroom teacher so I am about to poke out my eyes in boredom) Smart pony, Tate, for the win! πŸ˜€

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  2. Haha, Coolie is the same! I bought a likit once and he just couldn’t handle it hanging in his yard, he refused to go in even for his dinner. Henry on the other hand is the total opposite and doesn’t mind change at all.


    1. hahaha you are welcome it made my morning too! I can’t wait till I do it again (Rain today so didn’t put haynet outside!) HA HA HAHA He is such a dufus!! Geldings esp are stupid I think. πŸ™‚ Have a great day!


    1. he will have a meltdown no doubt. STUPID STUPID HORSE (You could just tell when he realized it was actually HAY in that bag instead of demons or trexs or whatever he thought)! SO BRAVE (UGH) P is much braver than R!


      1. They all have their things. P just spooked the other night at a dog running. The same dog that runs all day long (seriously) and has done so for the last 14 months he’s been at the barn.

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  3. Lol. Your fat horse is scared of food… Hahahahahaha!!!
    Jamp is scared of everything. He hates outside in general. He’s pretty happy living in his stall and tiny paddock this year. I used to have to change the jump course while he was turned out in the ring so he knew it was happening.

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