Crazy Little Thing Called Life: Mud Please Leave, Remus Please Behave and More…

Finally got to Beale Street. Mostly bars and restaurants but a few stores with some cute things! LOL this one made me giggle…

Thanksgiving Long Weekend

So this blog post is just a mess of this and that so I tried to organize it a bit. I want to get back to blogging regularly again but life needs to slow down a bit. Crazy crazy crazy lately. I can’t believe we are only a few weeks from CHRISTMAS NOW! How can that be?

We had a good Thanksgiving and my friend and coworker Christina came from Delaware so she did Graceland and Sun Studio one day and hung out with us the rest. She managed to get me downtown Memphis on the day she left so I have now seen Beale Street. I hope she was not too bored with us! We are not fun, exciting, people really.

I got laughing so hard when she wanted a photo then popped up the carrots in front of me. (She is not a horse person but she was very into feeding them carrots). I had this vision of Freddy Krueger with carrots and could not stop laughing! 🙂

Things That Just Cost Me Money (AKA Horses)

Tennessee continues to rain every two-three days so we have mud still. Tate is currently lame kind of (on a scale to 1-10, 10 being lame..he is a 6 or 7, he can walk, just slowly. Looks like it is possibly an abscess again). I have been hosing his feet free of mud and slathering antibiotic ointment on him then locking him up in clean shavings overnight. Saturday night at bed check he was laid out in the stall sleeping and would not get up (My phone was of course inside charging so I missed that adorable photo op). Sunday morning, he was banging for his food.  He shows no sores or issues on his legs but he is in the mud a lot so I am trying to at least lock him up overnight to keep his legs dry for a few hours. He is a very high maintenance pony and a drama queen with hoof issues. His one pastern feels slightly hot too but he is not limping like it is that and also I pressed hard all over his leg and he did NOT flinch at all.  My farrier is due this week so I am going to have him look him over and then call the vet if he does not improve. Damn pasture puff.

Exhibit A: One bored fat buckskin

Speaking of pasture puffs, Remus might as well be retired right now. The mud is so thick I don’t even think I could get my horse trailer out if I wanted to haul out. (And my dad is still here). So no riding anytime soon. Fingers crossed I can get somewhere to ride in the near future. If I don’t kill Remus first. He spent Monday morning chasing Tate around in mud up to their knees and poor Tate can barely get out of Remus’s way. I locked Remus’s butt up for the morning. Tate was up in a stall all night so I wanted him to be able to stretch a bit. Tate was looking so much better till this jerk-face buckskin chased him up and down the field about four times. Of course then I couldn’t catch Remus because he knew I was furious. Anyone want a fat buckskin? I am about serious. I can’t even lunge him to get some of the energy out of him due to the mud that is everywhere. It is chilly this morning but that is no reason to leave your hay to go chase your lame brother. Not to mention that mud isn’t doing Remus any favors either. UGH. I kept waiting for Remus to pull something. The holes where their hooves are are literally over a half foot deep. I took his bell boots off a week or so ago (he is due reshoeing this week) just because I am so afraid of mud and rubbing and omg stop mud stop!

Only in Memphis right?

Because of this I have not really ordered anything from the Black Friday sales. I did get a Schneider’s order in with supplies in case (I had a bonus buck thing to use anyway from there) Tate does have an abscess and ordered a few things for the barn but otherwise. Nothing. So sad. However, I have so many ideas for my Secret Santa. I am so excited to be involved in this this year. Thanks again Tracy for doing all that!!

Traveling Man

In other news, Mark left Sunday for England and Germany for work (he gets to see his family in London next weekend so that is good too). He left at a good time, the wind and rain came in Sunday evening and the wind was insane. He had to fly through Atlanta but at least he didn’t go through the middle of the country, it sounds like bad weather up there right now with snow. ICK! You guys up that way stay safe and warm.

IMG_0044 (1)
I have to say Memphis signs had me smiling on all my trips back and forth to the airport and downtown this one was very cute.

Poop Patrol

Also I had put ads on craigslist and nextdoor a few weeks ago seeking manure takers. And I got two people on Friday contact me within two hours of each other. (I placed the ad around November 7th and these were the first and only two who responded). They both came and got some manure this weekend though YAY! I still have a lot left but the good thing is both will want more. Double yay.

IMG_0052 (1)
I should have taken a before photo there was a lot more!

I Would Like To Win The Lottery, Please

Did everyone have lovely wonderful Thanksgivings (or just weekends if you don’t celebrate Tgiving)? Hope so. I ate way too much per usual and Dad is getting a bit bored here I think (We are very remote for sure!). His main tv watching is football (which I can at least watch while on my computer) or National Geographic type shows where things kill each other (I am not a fan of these at all and am getting kind of snippy with dad when he has them on…).

Now watching these two animals attempt to ‘kill’ each other is fun to watch I will admit! 🙂 Old cat, young dog and the cat still wins sometimes! PS Ollie needs a groom soon!

The weather has seesawed continuously back and forth (65 on Sunday and Monday am is 32 degrees out there) and now this upcoming week high of 40 and low of 20s for a few days. Crazy weather. Crazy life. Anyone else not sure which way is up? I have to play catch up at work today. Like I really need to catch up after being away the week or so ago and then having a short week last week. Yuck.

Why can’t I win the lotto so I can quit?  OH I KNOW. I don’t play it (Not that that I would win anyway HA). Maybe I should start…we should do a blogging pool and play. Then we all could quit our jobs!! 🙂

Related image
Totally would happen LOL!


23 thoughts on “Crazy Little Thing Called Life: Mud Please Leave, Remus Please Behave and More…

  1. We ended up with lots of SN*W so we had an extended Thanksgiving vacation, which while I am not fond of going to school late in June, it was kinda nice to have extra time off to chill this past week. I think right now I would prefer mud over this ridiculous amount of white crap, but neither are good! I agree that I would like to win the lottery (I don’t play either) or just magically become independently wealthy LOL! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m in for the lottery pool! Every so often I think, “I really want to own my own farm so I can have P at home.” Then I look at my friends who have farms and struggle with the same things you are (namely, MUD) and cackle from the warmth of my couch as I scribble out my board check.

    Poor Tate! Hopefully it stops raining and the pastures dry up so his tootsies can get a break,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yes boarding sounds good about now. it is 33 out there and the windchill has to be around 22-23. At least my water is not freezing up but neither is the mud. As cold as it is the ground is still warm….i almost wish it would freeze….I am about ready to bring Tate inside. He is silly and stupid but so sweet. Much better than Voldermort I mean Remus 🙂 HA HA HA HA….yes if you win the lottery you can have your own farm with P at home with someone to take care of him (not you HA)!


      1. Can you do a brain transplant with Tate? Get him smarter? I’ll send down Batty and you can have a stupid chestnut along with Tate and Remus. I’m curious how the battle between Remus and Batt would go. Batty was alway bottom of the heap but then came Hayley and he got brave. And Jiminy is small. He doesn’t DARE challenge Subi. No one does. Then Subi and Jiminy can be together, forever.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. HAHA.

        Don’t think I’m some miracle here. I’m doing the 10k and that’s only because my MIL guilted me into doing that distance and not the 5k. This is our ‘christmas gift’ from last year. Great, right?

        We’ll be driving down Friday, running Saturday morning, then going home Sunday.

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  3. That does not sound fun. Sorry for all of the mud! I love all the unicorn stuff LOLOL I nearly got a unicorn shirt but I didn’t like how it fit me. But otherwise unicorns seem to be in this year. I mean, while they should be in EVERY year, it’s a lot of fun to be able to embrace the unicorn LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  4. That mud is gross. It wont stop raining here either – we got more over night last night. The ground is soft and squishy but thankfully the red clay drains well and there isn’t mud….yet. A few weeks of sunshine is needed to dry the ground back up. Tell Remus to behave or he will get sent to SC purgatory where he will have to rough it instead of being spoiled! LOL

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  5. omg naughty Remus chasing Tate around!!! i’d be mad too, you’d think he’d be sick of the mud by now! ugh…. i was honestly so surprised by the weather when i was down in TN a little while ago. hopefully it dries out for you guys eventually!!! also i love those shitting rainbow socks haha – Sara got me a pair as a volunteer prize!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Ahhh, east coast mud season for the next million months. SIGH. Maybe look into getting a partial dry lot constructed? May be worth preventing some of the mud stress this winter. Put it immediately outside their stall doors for a small area, fence it, keep ’em in there except for a few hours a day. May save the ground enough so you could lunge once it’s healed later from less traffic? It seems they’re the only way to cut back on the mud hell =(

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  7. I’m down for winning the lotto and quitting my job…
    Sorry about poor Tate, that’s so frustrating. Hope they get to the bottom of it so you can keep him comfy more easily. Hope the mud and rain calm themselves down soon.


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