Same As It Ever Was: My Life

Not much changed here since my last blog post. Mud is still here: check. Remus still fat and retired: check. Weather still drunk: check, check. Tate still cute: check, check, check!

Sidebar what the F*ck is this I found in my bathroom? Gross

Today (Friday morning it is 65 degrees out at 6 am and HUMID!) What the hell three days ago it did not get out of 20s with wind chills. Remus has worn his mio sheet this week, his 100 gram amigo on top of mio and now he is naked. Crazy ass weather.

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Our weather is Charlie Sheen crazy, that is bad!! LOL

We are scheduled for lots of rain this weekend starting last night (We didn’t get the rain last night for some reason but bet we get it today or tonight).

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me most days

My farrier came on Thursday so before he came out I went out and hosed off all the mud on both horse’s legs.  And then locked them up so they wouldnt get in the mud again. Tate had two abcesses (one in each front foot) that had already broken through. He cleaned them both up pretty good but said they might come back. Dang pony and his bad feet. He was good as gold for the farrier and he could put weight on all feet when the other foot was held up so I think that is a good sign. I then locked him up overnight so he was so clean this am (and then I let him out this am before the weather comes). It was so nice to see white feet. For five minutes.

Okay not clean but cleaner than they have been. Look at those fetlocks and their hair 🙂

Remus feet were fine. No thrush nothing. Feet like rock. I went ahead and reshod him HOPING AGAINST THAT MAYBE WE MIGHT RIDE AGAIN THIS YEAR? yeah eternal optimist is me!

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YES IT IS HARD TO FIND TIME and a place to ride 🙂

Remus got locked out of his stall last night by mistake (wind shut it and he was outside too bad too sad) so I had this very starving horse waiting for me this am. (Spoiler: He is not starving!).

Life is hard for Remus between meals! Yeah right. He was filthy too!

disgusting horse….even his bridlepath has mud!

Speaking of mud. These photos don’t look as bad as it is in person. The mud goes over each horse’s feet when they walk through it. SO GROSS.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

IF it ever dries up enough I have plans to scrape and put some gravel down but shit the way it is going it might be August before that happens. The ground is so soft (Except when it froze this past week, ugh) it just gets torn up so easily. So I am over here in a corner rocking in a fetal ball. Happy weekend to all. Hope your lives are not as repetitive in the same loop as mine! Ha

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and now this song is in your head today you are welcome 🙂

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28 thoughts on “Same As It Ever Was: My Life

  1. Oh god centipedes are the WORST. Thankfully most of them were outside the house when we first moved in and the specialized bug spray killed off a lot of the centipedes and scorpions. But those were nasty little buggers – or actually they were quite big. One even managed to crawl over my foot one day. I still shudder when I think about that lol. We got the rain yesterday – it wasn’t much but the desert needs any water it can get right? That certainly is some CRAZY weather tho! lol

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  2. Ugh. Woke up to rain here this morning. Horse shot blankets all week at night with lows in the low 20s – unheard of! Now it is 60. Yuck. My test saddle should arrive today but lord knows when I’ll actually get to try it with rain all weekend. Wishing I would have went to Chattanooga with the hubby this weekend instead. His weather looks a bit better

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  3. Oh, yuck on the mud. We have ridiculous amounts of sn*w and ice already, but I don’t know if I would rather have mud instead. Wait, yes, I would always prefer mud haha. 😉 I will say that the horses are much cleaner right now in the sn*w, like bright white leg markings haha.
    Here’s hoping the weather turns less crazy for you because hopefully it will also mean it is less crazy in Maine!

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    1. hahaha yes at least we arent up to our ass in snow yet 🙂 I was so shocked to remember either of my horses had white socks when I hosed them off yesterday LOL! HA Stay warm and safe. SPRING IS COMING HA!


  4. Based on my gravel experiment (I swear I’ll post about it someday, I did finally do my clinic post today) if it were me I would add some kind of grid to stabilize the gravel and help drainage. The horses love to roll in the gravel and thus rip it up in spots, making it uneven. Then we’ve had so much rain and snow and melting that it sits in the gravel and freezes into hard mounds. It’s lovely. Still better than the mud we had before but not the best. Oh and they’ve created new mud spots, ugh.
    We did truegrid (on amazon!) in our aisle and that has held up amazing. Lighthoof is also an option we looked at before. Obviously more expensive but a more permanent solution I think.
    Lastly I did read that some people put sand on top of the gravel – maybe this locks it in place better? Haven’t done any further research on it but I tend to hate sand with P being a hoover who will take the sand in with the food.

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    1. yes i dont trust Remus to not eat sand. He eats everything else!! YES do the post re gravel. I dont think we will ever be able to do anything we got about 4 inches of rain last nite. YES FOUR! WTF

      I left Tate up. Remus can go splash and wade if he wants. LMAO…

      Thanks for all the info though!! ONE DAY!


      1. Ugh, so much rain. Just walking around horses rip up everything with that level of wet. We are getting light rain during the day today then thunderstorms tonight. Last I heard 1″ but we don’t need it. I already have to slosh and slide my way to the barn.
        I still love having the boys here even if i spend my time uncrusting them.


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