Tell Me Why I Even Bother? Messy Horse, Messy Weather, etc. etc.

Mr who me? Gross? NOPE! Remember the camera adds at least 10 lbs he says too! πŸ™‚

Horses. While I definitely am happy having them in my back yard there are times when I wish I was just writing a fat board check to someone else. To all the people who actually took care of Remus before, I tip my hat to you (and probably owe you even more money just for doing that). Because this horse is pretty gross. And right now he is just a big nuisance. So guess what another bitchy blog post. It is what I do right now! πŸ™‚

Image result for writing a check gif
Would so love to be writing a check right now HA

How gross? Let me show you. Note: Tate was up all night long and this is his stall!

Not too bad really, good boy Tate!

Ready for this? Remus can go in and out as he pleases and he still chooses to be gross, so gross.

Yes he is so gross that Remus!

SO now we know why the guys who keep picking up manure can’t get the whole pile loaded. Because the buckskin of mine loves to poop and pee!! But they came and got more manure yesterday so the pile is smaller…just still there

I turn tractor responsiblities over to Kit he is better at it than I am. This is delicate work HA! I liken it to a delicate surgical operation just with poop!

On Friday night Dad (YES he is still here) and I went out to dinner and on the way back we were in such torrential rain I could not see the road. I was literally going 10 miles an hour. It was scary too! ANYWAY YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?? MORE MUD! UGH

SO GROSS we must have had 4-5 inches of rain on Friday night!

SO much more mud. Same thing as usual. The good thing is the wind was blowing both Sat and Sun that may help a bit with drying up. Yesterday was pretty mild now Monday morning it is chilly again.

Yes tongue out and it is not even Tuesday! This was taken right after he rolled then leaped up bucking (missed that shot!)
Staring at half mast flag in neighbors yard (Remus says must be monsters)!

Gretchen has a bad ear infection. We think the Tennessee allergies have hit her hard (she had issues in DE, welcome to allergy city now). I took her to the vet on Sat and she was so brave but omg it must have hurt her. Her ears seem better so hopefully we are on the healing side now. She was very brave though!

You can tell when her allergies flare see the pink skin. Bless her heart.

Ollie said to her no worries I will keep an eye on you! πŸ™‚

These two….
And these two also crack me up. Nom Nom nom…Remus does not mind haynets when they are in normal places πŸ˜‰

Did everyone have awesome weekends? Is everyone else’s weather still drunk?? I honestly don’t know what to do with the footing around my barn. I am still hoping for it to dry up some time but not sure when that will be. The minute it gets a bit firm, we get more rain. UGH. Anyway that is muddy Tennessee!! I sure don’t want snow (we have some forecast for next week maybe but at least it would firm up some) so not sure which is worse. ICK I think they both suck!

Image result for ick gif
Everywhere it is gross. Horse is gross, mud is gross, Gretchen’s ear gunk was gross….

32 thoughts on “Tell Me Why I Even Bother? Messy Horse, Messy Weather, etc. etc.

  1. UGH with the MUD. I am OVER it too. Ended up being able to wash may’s tail on Sunday tho, so I am at least happy about that.

    If you have allergy sufferers now, wait until Spring. It is downright miserable. (I actually got a dyson air purifier so that I could sleep at night)

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  2. I feel your pain. I’m horse free this winter with one out on long term loan and the other recently re-homed but last year the two of them almost drove me to distraction.

    Our paddock allowed for the gate to stay open and stables latched back giving them both the option of going in or staying out. I’d bed down the stables all cosy for the night – fresh bedding, XL nets crammed with hay, fresh drinking water and make sure they were both toasty warm in nice new winter turnout rugs.

    The horse ragged off his rugs like Houdini and no word of a lie. Razz could get his rug completely off and leave it in a heap with buckles and belts still fastened then as if that weren’t bad enough he would poo on top of the rug as if to say β€œThere you go bitch… that’s what I think of your god-damn rug”

    The two of them would go inside the stable, eat all the hay – poo all over the place and then stand by the main gate in the pouring rain looking pitiful, filthy and wet through like something from a World Horse Welfare advert.

    I gave up in the end and stopped worrying.

    Won’t lie though now the weather has well and truly turned winter I’m not missing all that malarkey.

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  3. P is the same as R- disgusting in his stall. When I moved to the barn we’re at, I fully disclaimed that to BO and everything was fine b/c P was pretty much out 24/7. I couldn’t even look her in the eye when I had to tell her P was on stall rest indefinitely. I keep her fully stocked with wine so she doesn’t kick him out.

    I don’t have a farm, but we do have over an acre with woods surrounding us and everything is so slimy, and muddy and nasty. It’s been cold (30s), then yesterday and today were 65, and now tomorrow it’s going back down to 40. Gotta love southern winters.

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    1. If I had my druthers his ass (R) would be out 24/7 but sue me I feel bad for him out in the mud, cold, heat etc. GRHHHHH and yes drunk southern winters….

      and yes your poor BO needs lots of wine and more wine…too bad Remus can’t buy it for me πŸ™‚

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  4. The chestnut boys like to drive me insane by pooping in the aisle, it’s like their favorite past time. Often they will come in to visit me when I clean stalls, poop in the aisle, then leave. Even better when they then step in it, grind it to tiny pieces, and spread it all around. Blah.
    Just got P a porta grazer for his stall though and it’s amazing, no more hay all mixed in with the poop he spreads everywhere, woo hoo!
    We pile up our poo, mix it regularly, then spread it back down on low spots in our yard. It turned into some nice top soil – you’d never know it was poo!
    PS I’m also tired of the mud even if I have less than you. Every night I have to chisel out the feet!


    1. I am obsessd with this porta grazer now thank you so much LOL!…..also I dont let my guys in the aisles for this very reason. πŸ™‚ Plus remus would chase Tate down the aisle and end up falling or both of them would. UGH and the mud on hooves is real I try to hose them every other day or so but it is too cold right now!! They were both locked up overnight to dry up some….


      1. Yes you should definitely get one or two – you will love the easier stall cleaning. The minutes saved in stall cleaning will definitely make up for the cost. I did really want to put in dutch doors when we renovated but the cost was not friendly so they have aisle access. Thankfully they do get along well and they usually come running inside during bad weather on their own so I don’t worry when I’m at work. P is in charge and Stampede knows to stay out of his way pretty much, lol.
        It’s been so long since I could hose off anything here, ugh. The boys didn’t even get end of summer baths because the weather changed so suddenly.

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      2. Dutch doors are great but a pain to close up with the mud crap we are having. I literally lost a shoe going to unclip one door the other day. UGH. And yes I am doing the math. How much did it cost for shipping? I am more worried about that cost LOLLOL…i would love to try one….at least piggy would eat out of it not sure about Tate (he would be very distrustful)!


  5. This is when I’m actually glad I have an ugly orange beastie that perfectly matches the red clay we have. He is gross and you can’t tell πŸ™‚

    When we boarded Pete he would pee in the aisle every time he came in. That is nasty to clean up on a cement aisle. Cover with shavings and wait until it soaks. It was embarrassing.

    They are calling for snow this weekend. I can’t wait to see all the southerners freak out and have the entire city shit down. Ugh.

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  6. Spud is very much like Tate – very courteous and clean in his stall (and even in the pasture!! I’ve seen him back his little butt up to the fence and poop in a neat, clean pile). Annie? Nope, Annie just shits wherever she damn well pleases and if she’s in a stall?? Forget it.


    1. Tate was a pig when I first got him but he has gotten positively neat (I mean he still churns his stall up as he turns circles due to nervousnes but he is neat). Remus. UGH he must share DNA with Annie πŸ™‚ HA!


    1. ugh its crazy. And poor you will have snow before you know it at least i should avoid that issue. I watched Tate and Remus walk into their stalls last nite and the mud was up to their knees. WTF!! crazy….i hope you can get hay out soon!


      1. yes they dont seem to care as much as we do. But yes Remus runs in the mud (and chases Tate) and all i can think of is pulled tendons and pulled shoes etc. UGH


  7. Heh I had a random dream last night that you sent Remus here to get out of the rain! The logistics of such a thing make it impossible of course, but we are certainly nice and dry at the moment.

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  8. OMG, that’s not just mud, it’s freaking standing water. Maybe you need to get some drainage installed or something. What a nightmare! Poor pup with the ears too. Always something, isn’t it? It’s been cold here, so no mud, just frozen ground. I’m with you though, the snow can stay away.

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