Things Sitting Around Here That Need Selling: No, Not Remus! Yet…

Purple ECP pad seeks home….never used…

I am having a hatefest with Remus lately. He has been a pill to Tate and to me both. The dressage whip is out on full view in the aisle now due to Mr Has to be Served Immediately! Spoiled rotten shit! I may have a person who I can send him to to get him going again (i.e. no Ivy league education needed, just a bit of a refresher would be great). Either that or he is going to go plow fields or something but he needs to get back to work.

Image result for i love you i hate gif
Me to Remus daily!

Also, I have a shitload of stuff that I really don’t need. I need to do a running list but for now, I have this PURPLE!!! ECP pad I bought (see above for a photo, I have more photos if you are interested, I already have a navy one) and never used. The pad doesn’t really stay as secure as I like with my Stubben so I never used this one (I do use the Navy pad just don’t need two). Not the pad’s fault it is the fat buckskin’s fault. Will sell for $50.00 which includes shipping in continental USA.

I also have a Wintec easy change gullet gauge: $20.00 includes shipping in continental USA.


Girth extender: I will take $10.00 obo including shipping!

never used…

Girths, I got them boy do I have them. See below for what I have:

Image result for thingamabobs gif Throwgood 48 synthetic girth (YES Remus fit in this once ha) it is just dusty no rips or tears..just looks dirty in photo: $20.00 plus shipping


One Circuit, needs a good cleaning but barely used, size 54! Leather. Will clean it off before shipping! $30.00 plus shipping


One extremely dirty leather girth no idea of brand, size 56 any elephants out there looking? Will wipe off before shipping but asking 20.00 for this one plus shipping.

phew its dirty i didn’t even know I still had this one…

One medium Tipperary vest. Well used but in good shape. Great for those casual cc schoolings. Hunter green (The light makes it look not green it is). Will take $30.00 plus shipping.

I still have my Zaldi sitting in the garage, 17 inch, mw tree. Needs cleaning but it is a decent saddle that deserves to be used. Will take 200 for it plus shipping if anyone knows of anyone looking. Just don’t need it. No fittings. I have photos need to find them or look back in blog.Image result for make an offer gif

Offers welcome, especially bundles! What do others have for sale? Anything good? Just figured why keep this stuff?

Image result for cold gif
Me feeding in the morning (Okay exaggerating but still)!

Otherwise it is cold as snot in Tennessee and I am about done. And more rain this weekend. Oh joy I can almost walk across my paddock now without sinking 10 inches.ย  So of course it will rain.

Hoping to get dad back home this weekend. But now they are calling for snow in the VA Mountains. I am starting to feel like Charlie Brown with the storm clouds over top of him.

Image result for charlie brown cloud gif
anyone else?




15 thoughts on “Things Sitting Around Here That Need Selling: No, Not Remus! Yet…

  1. Iโ€™ve got nothing to buy and no money left to buy it with ๐Ÿ™‚ Send Remus tiny boot camp lady. Him and Hโ€™Apph can commiserate on how bad life is. Ha!

    We are due for snow this weekend which will be interesting. 4โ€ currently. That will shit the city down for a week

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  2. I love the purple pad. No money here either. I’ll just sit and commiserate with Sara on how broke I am. Sound good? And Remus and Doofus and can chat about how abused they are. Batty is retired right now so he can’t join in. But he could probably fit into the 54″ girth though I think I have one!

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  3. So what’s bigger than an elephant because Maestro wears 58 or 60″ girths?

    I have a huge pile of stuff I just need to get listed for sale but never have the time. Oh and I have breyer models to sell from my childhood. Where do I find children to buy those? Put up a sign at the boarding barn?

    PS Phoenix keeps running in circles in his stall obsessing about his beet pulp AS I’m feeding him and Stamp carrots for the night (beet pulp comes after carrots and required nose kisses). I finally tied him up last night because I couldn’t take it anymore. These ponies!

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    1. yes but I daresay Maestro is taller than 15 hands LOL! (Remus is as wide as he is tall!) And omg yes the obsession over food is real!! Beet pulp mom now!! (Says Phoenix stamping his feet) HA!


  4. I haven’t even looked in my horse “tub o goodies” to figure out all the extras I have and haven’t used in a year. We’re getting that rain too – good luck. I’ll save a mud picture or two for you

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  5. oh man, i LOVE a good leather girth…. bratty charlie tho requires nothing but the fuzziest softest squishiest most flexible girths ever tho, otherwise he reverts immediately back to his dinosaur-stuck-in-tar-pit routine…..

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  6. Sally is down south for the winter…tell Remus to shape up or you might send him to camp there! I sent a very difficult baby there one winter and he came back ship-shape…Nat and Ramon do not tolerate horses that do not toe the line…Shark came back better under saddle and much improved in his ground manners. Not sure sheโ€™s taking training horses this year…but Remus doesnโ€™t know that, so the threats might work!

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    1. I actually TOTALLY THOUGHT ABOUT THAT! LOL haha seriously. I wanted to get over there for a week to ride with Sally after the New Year but not sure that will happen but maybe I could ship him there? Thinking hat on. Jeez you sure are trouble. Hope all your guys are doing well ๐Ÿ™‚


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