Bah Humbug, Mr Grinch!

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I swear I have nothing new to say but that I am still cold, and it is still muddy.  With rain coming tonight for the next several days. I am very very grinchy right now. Need to actually think about the holidays but keep putting my head in the sand and ignoring it (except for the 6th Annual Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange, that, I am excited about)!

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Tate and Remus most days….

But I was putting laundry away on Tuesday and happened to look out my bedroom window and caught this. I think this was a reneactment of Mr Grinch and his dog (Remus playing the part of Grinch but Tate adding a spark to the dog role by fighting back).

Both of them are shits 😉

Can’t say Remus is picking on Tate there can you? I mean Tate is playing too. HA. If you don’t believe me watch for yourself.  Before I took the video, I pulled the blinds up to get a better shot with the phone and got this (innocent horses right?)

Who us? Not us. We don’t play

They played like that for like twenty minutes till I think Remus fell asleep.

Now onto poop. Not horse poop. Unknown animal poop. On the stairs to our apartment. I put a light on the stairs last night (outside light) and it just helped whatever this is poop more. Any scat professionals on here?

Yes that is poop. You know how low a bar this blog has when I start posting photos of poop. Hope everyone else is having a more interesting week! Happy Hump Day!

Remus says I don’t know why mom is so crabby I am having a WONDERFUL week 
He is still dapply and that is mud on his belly (He had a sheet on I had just removed also that is MUD in his mane). He is still rotund but not as bad as he was (I dont think LOL)

23 thoughts on “Bah Humbug, Mr Grinch!

    1. See great minds think alike. I cant imagine a coyote would go up those stairs (Tho we have them) it is in a fenced yard with a gate etc so its not an easy escape). I need cameras out there. I knew someone would scrutanize the poop HA!


  1. Uggg….. the rain!!!! We still have a lot of snow here that needs to melt and then the coming rain….AHHHHHH. It’s put me in a Grinchy mood too. But hahaha to your guys playing bitey face! It cracks me up whenever my guys play and makes it worth while cleaning out the damn stalls that are never ending poop fests.

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  2. Mystery poop? Just when you think it could get worse right? Which reminds me, I’ve got to go home during my lunch and clean all the dog poop in the yard while it’s light outside before it starts raining again tomorrow

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    1. I wonder how many miles you have done walking P around? Do you have a pedometer? You have every right to be grinchy. I am thinking raccoon maybe. we do have a cat from nearby (domestic not wild) but cat’s like to cover their poop…don’t they? Can i go back to bed now? 🙂


  3. I’m not Grinchy per say, but also not like YAY CHRISTMAS either. Just meh lol. It doesn’t help that my week has gotten worse too (and it’s only hump day!) so I feel you. And ew! My first thought was cat but…. I have no clue lol.

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  4. I’m not particularly grinchy, but I do need to find a way to add about 4 hours to each day… 7 if we’re being greedy.
    The weather though, now THAT I am grinchy about too. It’s snow showering here, which hopefully stays that way and doesn’t decide to accumulate like last time.
    How many days till Summer?
    My guess would be racoons on the poo. But I guess could even be a stray cat or something. Looks a little big for a normal cat though.

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    1. i agree it is too big for a domestic cat and plus they dont usaully poop out in the open. However if it is raccoons why would they be using my steps for a toilet? Things I wanna know. UGH on weather it is warmer here today but raining. Everytime I am fussing i think of you guys up north and think I should just shut up 🙂 Stay warm!! And if you find a way to make time stop let me know okay? 🙂


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