Welcome to Schnauzer Saturday!

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I am pretty sure Jock was a Scottie but anyway…

Patently Bay has a Weenie Wednesday each week featuring Conrad so we (well she really did) decided I should start a Schnauzer Saturday. With a token dash of Ollie in most of the photos. Because they are bookends most days and nights.


Gretchen has lots of outfits! She may rival Conrad for sweaters and coats. She has at least five Dover coats alone! Baby it’s cold outside she says (and sometimes inside too!). IMG_5226

No outfit just cute
again no outfit but so cute


download (19)
traveling naked….Gretchen says
Two peas in a pod

She might be one of the luckiest rescue schnauzers on earth! She sure does enjoy her life now! She was found on a busy road down by the Delaware beaches and we have no history on her except that she is adorable and we are so glad we adopted her!! Our last three dogs have been adoptions and except for Ollie (who was almost 2 when we got him) most were seniors. Including Gretchen!! Love the oldies….so much love to give.Tell me your adoption stories.


Happy Schnauzer Saturday!

9 thoughts on “Welcome to Schnauzer Saturday!

  1. They are SO CUTE! I do love schnauzers and have considered getting one as my next dog. Working at a humane society, we get them in occasionally, or schnauzer mixes, and I feel like one day one will just come home with me. It’s amazing how many nice dogs end up homeless. I have a soft spot for the seniors too. If they’re at work more than a few days I take them home to foster.


  2. Almost all of our dogs have a story that starts with “well I was driving and saw this dog…” or “I was walking by and saw this dog…” Though my personal dog (I got her when I was still single and she’s very much MY dog) came from a rescue that picks up dogs on their last day at the shelter and gives them some more time to find a home. She’s has a blanket/sweater collection that could rival Gretchen’s!!! Jello hates winter so I have to dress her up to keep her warm 🙂

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  3. Aww, we can all use another dose of dog cuteness.
    I adopted two Wheaten terriers in the past (Kozmo and Reilly who are both no longer with us but Reilly was on the blog a few times) along with Roxy our westie but it’s just become about impossible to adopt in my area. The wheaten rescue wants 6 foot fences and won’t allow you to have more than a male and a female and so many others just won’t allow our electric fence. All that despite the fact my husband works from home and the yard with the electric fence is large. Very disappointing. Anyways, enough ranting, lol. Your dogs are adorable.

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  4. SO CUUUUTE!!! We had a standard Schnauzer growing up, but she was a nut job. Sweet as can be, but nuts as all get out.
    Artie is my rescue! He was a stray down in Atlanta from what I can gather. The sweetest most loving guy I’ve ever known. Rescues are the best!

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