I Just Want Ponies: Photos of Tate

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You don’t say? πŸ™‚

Tate has wormed himself into my heart even though he is the biggest drama-queen with sore feet in the world. I was updating his owner on the adventures of Remus and Tate (sent her the Olympic trials video of the new sport bitey face) and she sent me some photos of Tate from the few years past just being Tate. Of course note HOW clean he was in those prior years. NO not this mud-encrusted beast. Not him…. But to be fair he is so well mannered and easy going compared to the fat buckskin that shall not be named that Tate is pretty much my favorite now. LOL Sue me Remus.

Exhibit A: Mud pony….he loves to wallow in it. And he has plenty of mud to wallow in right now…

I just had to share these photos (photos credits go to either Allison Rayburn or Mary Grayson Fauser).Β  They own Tate and love to see that his fan club is expanding! Just you wait to see these photos! Those Tater Tot fans (I know you are out there!) will just be amazed. Without further adieu….Tate.

Be still my heart…and look HOW CLEAN HE IS!
OMG so cute and sassy. AND CLEAN! (and nice to see it is not just me that kept him fat)! HA
The Mighty Tate in action!


Who knew he could be that fiesty??
Hi Ho Tate!!

Going back through their facebook pages made me realize that Tate was quite the little pony hunter in his day till he decided the show life was NOT for him. So see he may be mild and meek here at the farm but he had his days!! SO CUTE!! I want a million ponies here I tell you.

Image result for hoarder gif
I might need an intervention if I start getting ponies. Somebody STOP ME! πŸ™‚

Who else wants to collect ponies for a living? I know they can be ornery but they are so darn cute!! I found the cutest appy mini nearby that DROVE and Emily had to talk me out of getting it (her point was umm its an appy and ummm you will lose that mini in your deep ass mud). Voice of reason, her! πŸ™‚

The dynamic duo back in happier, drier times….:) Want about 5 of the pony on the right. The one on the left, one is plenty πŸ™‚ LOL
so so much mud. what this does not show you is how deep the horses go into it when they step into it. SO GROSS. 😦 More rain coming this week! UGH…


27 thoughts on “I Just Want Ponies: Photos of Tate

    1. ha i give up on JIMINY ever being shipped to me. Pout. πŸ™‚ I have to find this mini and send to your email. SO CUTE. I want him. Yeah I went by horse farms this weekend and I think I annoyed mark when i would say…LOOK NO MUD
      Look MUD


  1. Who knew he could be so fiesty?

    I DID.

    As a fellow pony (mini) owner, they are VERY sneaky about pretending to be SO CUTE AND CUDDLY and deep down they are FIESTY little BRATS. Hahaha. I love my potato pony tho – and thank god he isn’t 16hs hahah.

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