When Your Calm Horse Loses His Marbles….


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Sure hope Remus find his marbles

So this morning I went out with dogs before light to let them potty and Remus was in the field (Tate was up in his stall). Remus was acting very odd. He was running the fence line down toward the road (Yes RUNNING, YES REMUS) and I at first thought oh shit he is on the other side of the fence. But nope he was on the right side. But was snorting and shaking and would not come to me.ย  Like scared to death and running like an idiot in a very, very muddy field.


I went out to the barn and Tate was wigging out too but I just assumed it was because of Remus being out of sight. Remus came up to the paddock and I shut the gate but then he would not come up to eat or let me catch him at all. And Tate was spinning in his stall while I tried.

Not only did my horse not want to eat or come in to eat but he continually shook, snorted, and trotted around in knee deep mud looking out toward the field. He was sweaty and I could NOT catch him. He was not interested in me or food (unheard of). An hour later of me walking through mud and I finally caught him.

I had to walk thru that mud several times, literally over my boots. UGH

Put him in his stall and he was WILD. Would not settle down. His stall matter of fact was very torn up from the night (more than usually there was even poop in his water bucket from it being flung around as he did circles).

I let Tate out to clean his stall (Tate didn’t eat his grain either too keyed up) and even Tate was snorting and freaking out (albeit on a Tate level which is pretty low) and Remus lost what was left of his mind. He was literally ramming the stall door to try to jump it to get out to Tate. I kind of got annoyed with this because Remus is never that bad in a stall. He doesn’t even mind if Tate is out of sight so this was odd.

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Tate and Remus totally!

I finally put a leadline on him and lead him out of the barn so he could stare at the field while I petted him and just tried to get him to chill. At this point I was considering calling the vet. I just didn’t know what to do. (Thanks Sarah for being my text emergency tech LOL) I don’t see a mark on him but he has a thin trickle of dried blood on his nose and he wouldnt let me touch his nose for a while.

56691642867__D88BAED0-038C-4847-84FD-1EB2034CD225 (1)
There’s wolves (or bears) or….in them there woods….

I finally just turned him back into the paddock with Tate to see if he can settle. They are still not eating but happy together and Remus’s back leg is cocked up again which for some reason always makes me know he is okay. Whew.ย  Not munching hay yet, standing together on guard in the sun in the paddock? This is not like my horses. They live to eat everything else comes later. Any ideas?

bravehearts…let’s say chickenhearts LOL!

My first thought was coyote or something spooked Remus but then Tate came out all boogedy eyes so he could still smell whatever it was. We are talking almost 3 hours has gone by since Remus has eaten anything. LOL. WTF has happened? I was going to leave him in his stall but he was so nuts I had to let him out. I guess he is at least being quiet out there with Tate. SO ODD.

Pay no attention to this hysterical woman I am fine, says Remus!

So there is my puzzle of today!! Any ideas?? I even started wondering about a bear coming thru would that spook a horse enough to make him lose his marbles?? Of course Mark was the man of the hour who, as he left to work and I was still babysitting Remus, said, “THANK GOD YOU WEREN’T AWAY” hahahaha I cant imagine Mark going through the mud trying to catch him. So that was his first thought, thank god he didn’t have to deal with it! ๐Ÿ™‚ But anyway, it is never dull here is it?? And you really get to see the mud here in these photos. This is after five days of no rain!! UGH

Image result for never dull gif

24 thoughts on “When Your Calm Horse Loses His Marbles….

  1. There’s probably just a creature out in the woods.

    Time to get a big farm doggo !

    The coyotes were out and about when I was at my barn on Monday and the barn dog was letting everyone know. Which is fine until her weird wolf howl noise comes out which is slightly terrifying !

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      1. i am pretty sure Remus may starve to death if this keeps on (kidding) two full haynets right there 10 feet from them and neither of them are interested. It is going to rain tnite i am going ot have to lock both of them up so they drink and eat. SO ODD. They are still just staring off to the field and woods….HORSES I dont have time for this!! UGH


  2. Over the summer one morning I came out to the barn and Stampede was just completely freaking out (just cantering around his stall) and P was clearly on edge too. Turned out there had been loose horses overnight and they could see them (and the sherrif, etc) from the barn. They were long gone but it took the boys several days to recover, lol.

    Hopefully it was something simple like that and they are back to normal and boring soon.

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    1. yes they havent even drank water since all this happened just standing in the middle of the paddock, every once in awhile Remus moves behind Tate or Tate move bhind Remus as if you go first then they stop dead. Idiots. A lot is going around here today tho jets flying over, people in the woods, electric line being run to new house beside us. Etc. Etc. I was wondering about horses loose!! Remus loses his shit over that stuff…

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  3. Over the years, my mares sometimes get keyed up about wild animals. Dreamy was most upset by a moose that took out her entire fence line years ago haha. They must’ve seen something odd and I am sure will settle down eventually. My mares nowadays don’t give turkeys, deer, loose dogs, or coyotes a second glance, which is what we have the most of lately.

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  4. The horses at the barn I board at act like that when they can smell or hear the cows through the woods next door. What’s past the fence?? I’m sure R & T will get used to it and settle down. The weather sure isn’t helping calm down the horses here as well!

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  5. I’m sure it was some kind of animal they don’t normally see or smell. So either something like a bear or maybe your neighbor’s horses were loose?
    Or maybe even a coyote got to chasing a deer. That’s set my horses off in the past.

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  6. Shasta did that to me a few months ago. The rest couldn’t have cared less, but she was freaked out about something in the distance. Of course it was when David was gone to make it extra spooky. All of mine are used to Coyotes so I don’t know what it was. Maybe a moose or a bear. I’m sure they’ll settle down soon. At least they have each other.

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  7. That mud is so much more disgusting in the videos than your pictures have shown. Wow.

    Also…ummm…whatโ€™s your definition of running cuz Remus looked like he was walking to me LOL ๐Ÿ˜‚

    It was likely a strange animal or horses got loose. Did you explore the woods to find out? Iโ€™d have been hiking around looking for it. Maybe it was something super cool. Do you have any small wild cats in the area like a bobcat? We have them here and that can freak the horses out

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    1. well when he was running it was dark so i couldnt get a shot i had to wait to get light then he was not running anymore. Pacing more like it. And not only is our mud horrible that is five days with no rain….ugh and we got a bunch more last nite! Shoot me now…

      We DO have a bobcat nearby…..my first thought was horses loose tho as Remus can lose his shit over that.

      He is better today. But still on edge. I have them both up still so they are eating and drinking. i dont think Tate has drank much at all overnight but Remus drank two buckets. (they didnt drink at all yesterday) SMH Horses….don’t be surprised if Remus shows up at your doorstep ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. Bear scent will absolutely make horses go batty. Q HATES bear scent. It’s real special when we run into one on trail. Cue a levade pirouette. I once approached the herd with bear blood all over my hands after fleshing a skull with my BO and they all LOST IT just from smelling my hands. Super neat experiment and result.

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    1. that was my total thought. I was like it couldnt be coyotes….and even the bobcat nearby I dont think would have upset them so much. They are better today but still wiggy……and now i feel like i have to lock them up at night…GRHHH ๐Ÿ™‚ THanks!


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