Bloghop: Favorites of 2018

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These are a few of my favorite things (of 2018)

Let us all thank Amanda for blog content! I needed something  to write, so this works! I don’t have a lot of media/photos for this year due to LACK OF REALLY SHOWING oh well but here goes….

Favorite Show Photo (not an official show photo but at an actual show!)and Fave Video (back when I actually RODE and jumped things!)

This one from my first show down here in October

This one is a fave video from the ONE SHOW I went to this year at Straight Up up north, video below (love taking one hand off the reins to hit him with the crop. Oh Remus!)

Favorite Non-Show Photo

Ha! Sarah and me trailriding at Fair Hill. I miss you Sarah!! (evil twins)!

When Sarah and Emma, et al went trail riding with me before I left to come south. OMG so much fun. I want to do it again! Come south girls! LOL And look beyond Remus’s grumpy face and note he looks so much more in shape than now! HA He was actually LEAN! Batty was fatter!

Favorite thing you bought this year


Farm! That was a given on the favorite list! 🙂

Only thing better would be if it came in purple!

Otherwise the favorite thing we bought this year is the Orange Machine, our tractor. That thing is worth its weight in gold. I wish it would dry up so I could use it again!!

Favorite moment on horseback

Riding Remus again in October! UGH so much work ahead of us but I think it is still there…

Look no MUD! UGH

Favorite moment out of saddle

Watching horses munch hay in the evenings as I do night check in my back yard!


Favorite between the ears moment

Riding Remus for the first time at our new place!

cutest buckskin ears around town!

Favorite horse book or article

Um, I havent read any horsey books or articles (unless COTH counts LOL). I still have Tik’s book to read. Maybe I will find time. Otherwise I love reading everyone’s blogs. I feel I learn a lot from those blogs! Keep on writing you guys! Keep me informed!

Let’s add a few more hours to the day so I can actually read this!

Favorite horse ridden (or groomed/cared for) aside from your own

Henry of course! I can’t find the photo of me actually riding him but Amanda always makes me do this shit so believe me I rode Henry (and did not have to arm wrestle Presto while doing it). I love Henry. I am going to steal him when he is retirement age! Mark my words!! It could happen! (Have horse trailer, can travel!)

Majestic as F isnt he? 🙂

Favorite funny photo of your horse

Full on stalker mode Remus.  One won’t do, you have to see the total committment to stalking he does! 🙂 FEED ME he says.

Favorite fence or movement conquered

Okay the fence on the left is so damn small it barely rates being called a fence but I was sure Remus would shy and not jump this (it was supposed to be a replicate of the Memphis bridge. Um, no it is not). And the thing on the right is what we had to trot past to get thru the start flag. Um we did both (jumped the one and went past the other) but I am not sure how! LOL spooky shit is not his jam!!

Favorite horse meme or funny photo (I had to do several I could not pick just one)!

Image result for horse meme

Totally me!

Image result for horse meme
Image result for horse meme
Totally again!

So Amanda, I did not call you pumpkin like KC did but thanks for the content push I needed!! HA HA HA

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Thanks Amanda!!

13 thoughts on “Bloghop: Favorites of 2018

  1. HA!! Remus the stalker. Amber does relatively the same thing lol. She hears my truck pull up, and then will stand staring at the back door. I peek my head out and tell her hello and then close the door just to mess with her sometimes LOLOLOL Does that make me a bad horse mom?? Nah LOLOL

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