Update on Remus: All’s Well

They made it out to the field yesterday without being too spooked! You can barely see them from the mist (and RAIN)

Remus is so much better each day though Tate and he are both so nervous still. The weather has been atrocious (AKA MORE RAIN MORE COLD) so I lock them up each night and close the top door so they feel safer. They are still very crazy outdoors. But more look and look at stuff, not flipping out. Thank goodness.

Remus looks skeptical..but he was literally standing there ground tied…so def more chilled out…

My vet was so nice to fit an appt in today to A) update coggins and shots and B) just check them over. Remus got a glowing bill of health (AS IN GLOWING dapples and all). He has two teeth that need to be floated and/or removed up high in his mouth that are affecting his lower part of his head (why he is slightly puffy there) but obviously not affecting his weight so we will do that after the first of the year before he goes to a Boot Camp somewhere. The vet says the bit might bother him right now but it is not like I am riding. UGH the mud was getting slightly better and then it poured two nights in a row and most of this am. My vet says wait till June/July to get your paddock done then. SO WHEN IT IS DROUGHT TIME YOU GUYS REMIND ME TO DO THAT.

Image result for drought gif
I can’t believe i want a drought! LOL

But the kids got their coggins updated and their shots done so Merry Xmas to me (UGH that hurt). My vet totally thinks that something scared Remus enough to scare Tate and though he has never seen horses retain the fear like these guys he is pretty sure it was an anomaly and hopefully won’t happen again. But he went over Remus anyway with a flashlight to make sure nothing was bothering him.

Tate looking skeptical not knowing he is next!

Then we got Tate out and I mentioned how itchy Tate is (he literally rubs his whole body on the haynet the buckets you name it). He checked to make sure he didnt have lice (He didn’t thank goodness) and then mentioned with his thick coat he could be a cushings candidate. We will keep an eye on him in the Spring to make sure he sheds completely out. (I told you guys he got his winter coat in August!). Hopefully he does. As it was he just cost my wallet money and he is not really my pony! HA

Anyway after writing the sizable check  at least Remus will be up to date before I send his ass elsewhere to be ridden! HA. Speaking of ass.

Wide load coming thru. HA HA HA

So Merry Christmas to me and my checking account. Oh and as to Remus having blood in his nose, the way he was running around he thinks he either got it from running so much OR dumbass knocked his nose on something and popped a vessel there. All looks good. SO at least I feel better about it all….

I am off work till the New Year now (though I am still checking email because I am an idiot like that). Who else gets a long break from work? I am dreading January due to workload so am determined to relax next week. I still have a few things to do for Christmas (I.e. as of right now frozen pizza is on the menu for Christmas day soooo umm I need to figure that out!)  Fun fun fun times!

Image result for christmas gif
I feel that little dude’s scowl. I am that little dude right now. 🙂 

26 thoughts on “Update on Remus: All’s Well

  1. If it makes you feel any better I spent $850 on injections yesterday, $300 on shots and coggins x 2 a few weeks ago, and $180 on dental stuff a couple weeks before that. And I still have to get Presto gelded! Making it rain on the vets right now.

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      1. That’s not bad at all! I spent $600 for my 3 for shots, 1 coggins (JUST for Batt) and the farm call… AND I still need to do teeth. That will be 200 for Subi plus a farm call… Then I need to get someone out to do Batty and Jiminy who don’t need to be sedated. AHHH! Money. Who needs it? Plus I need more equioxx soon.

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    1. Last night the coyotes were wild! Loud, nearby and a lot of them. I had the horses inside already (they wont walk thru the mud into the stalls so i have to lead them thru the gate to get them in the barn…sigh) and were spinning like fools. I told Mark i don’t think I can let them out at night again. That is very annoying!! I hope they figure shit out and stop freaking. This morning they are both normal as can be eating hay in the paddock and then coming to the front to graze and roll) HORSES! (Sun is out today but more rain tonite) UGH!


  2. I love it when I spend money @ the vet and everyone turns out to be fine 🙂 I hear you on the weather, ours here has been super wet and windy. The road was so flooded last night that I was dodging seaweed and driftwood as I drove home past the beach :O Pony paddocks feel equally flooded – mud over my boots in places. No driftwood in there yet, though lol

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  3. Glad everyone is ok. Maybe it was just the coyotes freaking him out?
    Jamp is itchy too,always has been. On Christmas he started acting nutty in his “paddock” so I figured he wanted to come in. Nope. He wanted me to open the door so he could rub in the doorway.

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