Happy Holidays To All! Plus Blogger Gift Exchange 2018

Two of the most hardworking elves around (Not really)

As I write this we are running right up to Christmas and 2019 as fast as we can! I can’t believe the year is almost over. How did that happen!!? I hope all have a peaceful (or crazy) holiday! You choose! ๐Ÿ™‚

Image result for crazy christmas gif
everybody dance!

My Secret Santa blogger sure did deliver (and on a Sunday no less). I got home to a box (our postal worker gets very confused and leaves packages at different doors each time it is really funny, Fed Ex and UPS do the same thing, we have a front door, a side door,and a back porch. You get a delivery notification from whomever delivered and then it is FIND THE PACKAGE time you end up running around the outside of the house looking!) Anyway I found my package at the side door this time!

Image result for scavenger hunt gif
us looking for packages most days!

I was very intrigued because I wasn’t sure who it was from. I didn’t recognize the name and it turns out it is from a blogger I don’t follow but now will!! I love finding new blogs to follow. Blogs are like potato chips after all you can’t have just one (to read, not eat)! SO MANY WONDERFUL BLOGS!

Image result for im in heaven gif
me opening up my package!

Anyway my Secret Santa blogger friend was Thoroughbred Adventures…

IMG_0356 (1)
Quite a stash!!ย  (Pay no attention to the ugly ass counter tops UGH)

And Amber did a fantastic job of delivering. The first thing I noticed was all the purple (swoon)! As anyone who spends three minutes with me either online or in person knows…I LOVE PURPLE! The Horseware softie socks she got me are purple! I have a pair in teal and yellow and they are my go too socks when the feet are going to be out all day in cold or wet conditions. The old socks I have still totally keep my feet warm but if the new pair are purple that keeps my heart warm too!! So I am happy to have another pair of them. Can’t wait to wear them!

Image result for purple gif

Also she sent a lovely care package of leather cleaner and conditioner(Sterling Essentials) that smells like lavender (and guess what color lavender is, yes more PURPLE HA)!! And some Mrs. Pasture cookies for Remus (and Tate if Remus shares them) in a cute stocking. And let’s not forget the lovely Noble Outfitters tote with the mesh bottom to keep dirt from collecting in the bottom. It is so cute (AND PURPLE TOO) and almost too pretty to take out to the barn! I love it all.

Image result for thank you thank you very much gif
Hey I do live in Memphis….HA

So for my first time doing this Blogger Gift Exchange I am so thrilled. I got to be Secret Santa toย Nadiaย and I received this lovely gift from Amber. Thanks so much Tracy at the Printable Pony for doing all the grunt work to put this together!

Remus having his breakfast this morning with a view of the pond (if you squint our three geese are back for the holidays!) HA! But look at the sky!! SUN!

Happy holidays to all! I hope everyone has a wonderful time with friends and family! Remus and Tate are both planning on being tucked in early to see what Santa is bringing them!! Ollie and Gretchen too! HA

Image result for coal you get coal
pretty much what all my animals deserve ๐Ÿ™‚

10 thoughts on “Happy Holidays To All! Plus Blogger Gift Exchange 2018

  1. How awesome! I’ve been eyeing those grooming totes because I think the mesh bottom is such a great idea, but they’re TOO BIG for my tack box (sad panda). You’ll have to let us know what you think of it after it gets some use. And of course, thanks so much for participating!!

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