So a Pig Walks Into a Bar (I Mean Field)….

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Okay lots of you follow on Instagram so you have seen parts of this already but ummm we had a load of hogwash come into our field this weekend. I mean I never thought I was going to go outside my front door and see a damn PIG? WTF. I couldn’t figure out what the horses were staring at petrified and then I walked out and saw this.

Yeah that is a pig. Not any kind of wild animal really, I quickly texted my neighbor who told me it belongs down the street and pretty much roams everywhere. Um, really? I moved in in JUNE haven’t seen him once (or her I have no clue). I think it is a pot belly big that has been allowed to eat everything in front of him/her cause it is HUGE. It looks like no livestock pig I have ever seen. It also paid no attention to me when I spoke to it. Merely, meandered away to the neighbor’s land.

Yes these are what the f*ck is that boogedy eyes going on on both horses.

But meanwhile. OH yes, meanwhile. My horses had damn heart attacks. SO I think we are prettty safe to say that the thing that freaked Remus out a while back. Yeah must have been old Porky here.

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Me watching the idiots in the field…

Except this time Tate was out too. SO I HAD TWO RAVING LUNATICS. Even after Porky left they stared and snorted and stared and stood in the far end of the field. And refused to come up for food or water. (Keep the sound on the first video at least so you can hear Remus and his SNORT) LOL!

They stood out there for about 7 hours yesterday until Mark and I went out in the mud and muck. To walk them up. And Remus didn’t want to walk up (Tate just followed). So I had to get firm with the damn buckskin who has no brain left. What an idiot he is. They just knew that pig was still there somewhere hiding with a rifle ready to get both horses. SMH

I WIN THE MUD UNIVERSE CONTEST! I defy anyone to try to beat this. LOL And yes I lost a boot and had to go back for it.Β  ALSO LOOK AT HOW MUCH PURPLE πŸ™‚

Yes walking through the mud to bring them up was SO much fun. UGH. And Mark has a business dinner tonight so I either leave them up in the paddock all day or turn them out and THEN probably have to go get them later by myself. I mean they might come back up but they might not. They are both mad to be in the mud paddock from hell but suck it up buttercups.

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Me to my horses

At this point I almost hate my horse. I am seriously fed up to here on his stupidness and goofiness and now sure the pig was scary but he is a nutjob (Remus not the pig)!Β  I am still looking for bootcamp for him and was trying to wait till later but may try to move it up just to get him out of this enviroment for a while. Tate will have a breakdown but overall Tate’s pretty happy in his ownself. I think he will be okay.

Tate looking for Porky (whole other blog post coming on his shedding and odd skin coat this year….wtf can anything be normal?)

Speaking of, Tate is not eating nor drinking since yesterday (I mean he ate his ration balancer and some of his hay last nite but hardly drank overnight). Remus (It will surprise no one ate all his haynet worth of hay and drank some) will survive I think.

Image result for I will survive
Remus probably

Today they both continue to look for that damn pig. Remember last time Tate was up so had no idea what Remus was scared of but they both know now. THERE ARE KILLER PIGS IN THOSE TREES SOMEWHERE. BE CAREFUL! THEY EAT FAT HORSES!

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Tate and Remus

Please someone tell me their horror stories of how stupid their horses are or have been so I don’t get a complex thinking it is me. Barring that, anyone want a slightly demented buckskin? Thanks!! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend with less rain, less cold, and DEFINITELY less pigs in it! πŸ™‚

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How much mud do I have? Enough to make pigs squeal!! πŸ™‚


39 thoughts on “So a Pig Walks Into a Bar (I Mean Field)….

  1. You really need a fat, calming, pregnant horse… I’ll send you Batt. I should send you Subi, because, while he spoils at stuff, gets over himself once he realizes it’s a pig (if he were to ever spook at a pig to begin with)…

    But, even Batt isn’t as stupid as your 2…

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  2. Your gif game is the best. Tate and Remus are very much Shaggy and Scooby ha!! At least you know what scared them the first time. Tell Remus I thought it was a predatory cat…a pig though…you know… so much worse LOL!!!

    I think Remus wants to know where on earth you moved him to? From Sally’s barn and indoor arenas to mud and killer pigs….he wants to be upgraded in life again

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      1. When Gem was in the hospital for her hoof laceration a few years go, she had a stall that overlooked a sheep pasture. The vet eventually had to move her because she was on Arab level high alert staring out her window and not eating or drinking. Horses are dumb

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      2. thank you that helps my mind a bit. I swear I think i have the dumbest horse in the world (Remember Remus had a mental breakdown at FH once due to a track meet going on at the same time!) HA


  3. omg haha , that would surprise me too!! we have a very similar pig at our farm (his name is Goose and i’m pretty sure he’s even bigger than the one in your pics…..) and it’s always kinda humorous to see how new horses react to him. like, each year when we host the annual USEA rated event, our barn turns into stabling for competitors, and so many of those poor unsuspecting horses lose their ever loving minds when Goose starts strolling around lol….

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  4. At the boarding barn there was (maybe is still?) a pig that the renters up front had in this tiny pen with some chickens. Stampede was terrified without ever seeing it for the longest time. Pigs are just scary I guess.

    I have considered getting stampede curtains on his stall windows the way he gawks and worries over what’s outside sometimes. P likes food too much to bother.

    Some horses are just special.

    PS You definitely win the mud game. My bit of mud is frozen and covered in snow these days.

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    1. Yay I win, What prizes did I win? OH MORE MUD? LOL πŸ™‚ Yeah i often shut the dutch doors even if i it is nice out just so tweedle dee and dum don’t spin in their stalls taking a mouthful of food and going to look out the window. Sigh…glad it is not just my horses that are idiots….


  5. That pig is INSANE. Sadly we do not have rando livestock roaming around our barn because they get eaten. We had mud this weekend as well so the horses didn’t get turn out. You don’t need me to tell you how fun of a ride that was!

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    1. IT SHOULD BE EATEN here. we have so many mean things out there (Coyote, bobcats you name it) GO CATCH THE PIG YOU ANIMALS LOLLOL and ugh i don’t wish mud on anyone ever. 😦


  6. I had a horse right out of college that literally could not when it came to pigs. Which sad story for him because he lived on property with one. He finally got to the point where as long as he didn’t see it, it couldn’t kill him, but god forbid he caught sight of its murderous self. #endoftheworld

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    1. Remus has a lot of phobias I am finding out but glad to know he is not the only one. To be far this thing was HUGE and loud so….ha as far as he knew it ate buckskin for dinner πŸ™‚ HA HA HA


  7. We had to walk past some cows today to get to the arena (2 mummas having their babies weaned off them).

    This was not ideal for Bumper, but accepted by him. They gently moo’d which was yet again, not ideal but acceptable.

    5 meters on one of them did the big moo scream and horse went straight up in the air like a kite. He then proceeded to show me the dance of his people before calming down enough to walk on like nothing happened.

    Going past them for the return trip was no issue.


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  8. Hahaha oh lord, it is always something. I have raised pigs before (and yes, that is definitely a potbelly pet not a meat pig) and my horses were TERRIFIED at first. I swear it was because of the weird smell. They all got over it though, because the pigs were there full time. And Ellie lost her mind when I first brought her home and she saw the oxen haha. She refused to enter the barn hahahaha. She got over that too. It is definitely easier to desensitize when the scary farm animal lives with the horses rather than just randomly showing up. Hopefully they settle down soon and learn to accept their new visiting friend! πŸ˜‰

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  9. They need pig posters in their stalls so they can get used to what he looks like and get over the fear. πŸ˜‰

    Also, you can have your mud trophy – I don’t wanna play! lol

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    Sorry, I know it’s frustrating but OMG REMUS. GET IT TOGETHER, BRO.

    I so wish you were closer- I’d take R in a heartbeat and schlep him up with me to Trainer B.

    That pig does look the teensiest bit psycho, though….

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    1. That pig scared me when I walked out and saw it. My mind could not comprehend. OMG i wish you were closer too πŸ™‚ and Trainer B as well. HA My life is never boring right?? πŸ™‚ AND TODAY IS THE DAY FOR YOU!? WHHOOOOHOO!


  11. HAHA!!!! OMG though I have PLENTY of random animal stories involving various horses through my life! There was the neighbor’s llama named Elvis in high school that would run the fence line spitting at the horses, the zebras that caused Gus to freak out and get us eliminated in a SJ round over a tiny X (seriously- it was barely 2 ft and a simple black and white X-but the ZEBRA!) oh and Chimi is TERRIFIED of minis and refuses to go anywhere near them! And a few Christmases ago Finn and Chimi didn’t eat grain for 3 days b/c they swore something was in the woods (I think it was a donkey at a neighboring farm?) and never left the front field. I brought them hay and they did eat some of that and drank water but were constantly on alert for 3 friction DAYS!!!!! So don’t feel bad about your nutty horses b/c I have nutty horses too!!!!!

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      1. We might need a things my horse is afraid of blog hop, lol. Maestro is pretty brave but took months to get over the barn dog barking in the clubhouse next to the indoor. If he could see her and she barked it was fine but if he couldn’t see her he would get nervous. Oh and he also doesn’t like lawn mowers, lol.

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