Total Eclipse of Horse Sense (Full Moon Rising)

Image result for moon brings out the crazies
my life lately, esp my horses!

Cold as shit and some crazy ass super moon rising on Sunday night. YEP. What do you get? Horses that are pretty idiotic!

us crazy? NO way not us!

It was 60 on Saturday and went to low 20’s by evening. It was cold.  Saturday afternoon Remus was having a piss fit in the stall since I had left them up due to it being 60 and lightning on Saturday am to 30 and cold as shit with snow by 3 pm on Saturday.  He threw his little fits and I ignored him. By later evening he had saw the error of his ways and was happy munching hay. Dufus he is.

Image result for rage gif
Remus in his stall!


Yesterday on Sunday it was cold all day long but the sun was out so I let the guys in the field so they could slumber in the sun. Not before they had attacking stallion syndrome in the field with both horses rearing up and then leaping around (why no documentation, because my phone was dead due to how cold it was, by the time they were leaping around). And I had to go out and fix Remus’s blankets several times. The one time I fixed it after I was done he leaped up so high he leapt over my shoulder (maybe not but dang it was close when he leaped up and took off, he could have knocked me flat). They felt good!! But the water tubs were freezing so I ended up emptying the one in the field and it rolled down the hill a bit toward the pond. No big deal I will get it later, right?

Image result for apparate gif
Remus tries and tries to apparate to the barn, it does not work!

So last night, the horses would NOT come up. It has become kind of a pain with them each evening anyway. Remus stands in the corner of the fence by the house watching the barn and watch me feed but he doesn’t want to go through the mud to get to the barn. So he waits thinking I can miraculously apparate him through the fence. No. You have to walk around. It takes a while but they usually do meander up because food driven they both are. But for some reason they would NOT last night and I could not figure it out (Because I had already forgotten about the bucket?)…


So I got mad and fixed the stalls up and all then went in for dinner. They were still in the far field. It got dark. Still in field. Now mind you I might have just left their asses out BUT neither had drank since the morning since they had drank by the barn but never went back all day. So I dithered. And finally I gave up and just went to get them. Damn horses.

Image result for feeling good gif

Plus they both had rolled and their blankets were not dry and they needed to come up and it was COLD as heck. I grabbed a flashlight and walked out to get them. F*cking mud everywhere. Some frozen some not never knew what you were stepping in. Got Remus in a halter and started leading him, Tate was LIKE THANK GOD let’s go up and followed along.

This may have been why they had the crazies that damn supermoon. That shit was bright!

But we got near the pond and Remus stopped dead. STARING AT THE BRIGHT BLUE TUB THEY DRINK OUT OF MOST DAYS because it was empty and on its side and also must have the pig hiding in there cause it was going to KILL both Remus and Tate.

Image result for killer pig gif
hiding in the water tub  Remus thought! 

After much snorts, we got by it and Remus went into superwalk mode to get up to the barn. I was like, wait legs are MUCH shorter than yours, and also I am standing in mud to my shin. Got to the gate and I can’t even tell you how far the mud was over my pants I almost freaked out because I didn’t think I was going to get any further, so I let Remus loose who took off in the paddock like an idiot, and I managed to close the gate and used the gate to get my feet free of the mud.

Image result for quick sand gif
How I felt!

Now totally saturated in mud (ewww) my legs were cold. I got the horses in and changed blankets etc. and went in and came out later to water them again and give more hay then finally collapsed in bed. My legs were KILLING me all night from stomping through that mud!

Pretty creepy right? it was glorious though later…

This morning I got out and it was 22 degrees and wind chill of 12 or 13 and my water was frozen in the barn. UMMMM anyone? Tennessee is pretty far south. WHY?? I never really thought I would be hauling water from the house. I am taking a hair dryer out soon to try to unthaw the pump so I can fill the paddock water so I can let the horses out. I have not decided if I am letting them out in the main field today I am so mad still at them. I am in warming up and having some coffee before I go out and figure out water and let them out and finish stalls. I just never thought moving to Tennessee that I would have to deal with such frigid temps (I know you guys up North have it so bad but dang it is cold). I think because of the wetness and moisture along with humidity everything freezes quicker. My barn doors were frozen this am too but I pried them apart. I guess I need to wrap the faucet in the barn but this is the first time it froze up this year.

Image result for get a farm they said it will be fun they say gif

Let’s buy a farm, let’s keep the horses at home. It will be fun they say! HA Did everyone else survive this cold weather? Sure hope everyone had a great weekend even if it was a tad bit chilly!

We still have snow! Not much but it won’t melt due to cold…and also who plants a pine tree so close to the A) HOUSE and B) FENCE (this thing is pressing so hard on fence it creaks and literally if it goes over it is hitting our house, need to find a tree guy soon!)…



16 thoughts on “Total Eclipse of Horse Sense (Full Moon Rising)

  1. Haha, we up north at least are prepared with insulated and heated buckets and troughs.

    My two are pretty self preserving and will tuck themselves out of the wind voluntarily. And I haven’t had mud for a while, we’ve been at freezing or below long enough that it’s just ankle twisting pits from where the mud froze.

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  2. It’s 7 degrees right now. At 2:30 pm. The feels like? -10. Did I move to Antarctica?
    What a PITA those boys are about the mud. Like throw a human a bone for crying out loud! Hope it thaws out and dries up soon!


  3. Chimi and Finn were fruit cakes here today too!!!! I put them out late last night when the wind finally stopped and this morning they just ran around the field refusing to be caught. Finally I got them and Chimi and Finn would eat a bite of food, spin around stare intently out the window, eat a bite of food, spin around, etc etc etc. Uggggh!! Horses!!!! Also that pig gif is CREEPY!!!!!!

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  4. Every single time I think about how nice it would be to have the horses at home, I remember your blog. Which is probably not the reason why you blog but it’s a good reminder for me 🙂 It’s facking freezing again today but at least no rain!

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