Schnauzer Saturday

When one coat is not enough. #babyitscoldout

It has been cold (and wet) though we have had sun the last two days (which might be a miracle). However it is still cold out. In the 20s at night at least, brhhh and yesterday (Friday) didn’t get up to over 40.  But anyway, at least it is Schnauzer Saturday!

judgy faces when I am trying to do a workout on the mat…this is why I need to go to a gym LOL
Gretchen rocking the layered look!


Ready for bed! What you can’t see is the cat right next to Gretchen…
who me?
another cute shot of Ollie(and green grass poking through!)

Note, Gretchen is allowed off leash while Ollie is on the tie out or a leash at least. We do not trust the Oliver! If he sees a bird, a goose, a leaf falling to the ground, let alone a squirrel he would be off.  Gretchen did scare me the other day by disappearing while I was walking Ollie around. It was very bitter that day and I could not figure out where she was. After putting Ollie inside the house and me driving down the drive to see if she had wandered off and not finding her I drove back up the drive and who pops out of the barn but Gretchen. I guess with the barn doors mostly shut it was warmer in there than waiting for me in the cold! Even though I was calling her she must have just ignored me. She has selective hearing at the best times. But overall she doesn’t wander and is a good farm dog. Ollie on the other hand…well let’s just say thank goodness he is cute!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Cutest bad dog around!


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