Build a Gate and They Will (Mostly)Ignore It!

Sleeping in sun (go away kids, you bother me) #grumpyhorse #stupidhorse #ifionlyhadabrain

Beautiful weekend for once. Did I ride? Nope. Did I brush anything (well I kind of knocked the dirt off both of them but Tate’s hair falls out on its own, more on that later this week! I did bang Tate’s tail and am going to do Remus’s tonight, his was just so gross I brushed it out instead and his isn’t dragging like Tate’s was!). Did we put a gate up so I can get horses up through yard to barn without walking through the mud in the paddock? YES! Have I really needed it yet? NOPE!

Friday was still pretty chilly as you can tell.

Friday afternoon we put a gate up (or I should say Mark did) in the fence area in front of our house where Remus stands at night. One reason we did it was so we could get the horses to the barn on those nights that they refuse to come up and I have to walk through thigh-height mud to get them. Otherwise it is nice to be able to walk through there and dump water and place hay etc. So it was great we have it but the horses have come up every night on their own since we put it up. Go figure. Whatever I like it and it looks good.

New gate!

My poor husband had a time with it though. We don’t have the strongest drill and tools and the people who built our fences (I assume the original builders of the place?) are idiots (See the nails below to see the evidence). Not only are the nails not done correctly but they never treated the boards so we will probably have to go to all wire down the road. But anyway. It got done.

Image result for british idiots gif

At one point I went inside to call my dad and I figured we were going to have to get back to work on it on Sat morning as Mark was having issues getting the doo-hickeys (technical term for hinge holders) into the posts. But by the time I got back out he had it done and we hung the gate, yay. Not bad for newbies.

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The nails above show that they are bent and not even in the post. WTF. Seriously? We hadn’t even touched the boards when Mark noticed this. And of course if you look at the boards cross-eyed they fall apart. UGH.

Proud husband…bless his British heart LOL


But like I said the horses haven’t needed it. Yet. Good thing since the very first morning they came out to the field Remus almost backed into the pond, scared as shit of THE SPOOKY ASS GATE THAT MIGHT EAT HIM! OH REMUS. Seriously do they do brain transplants on horses? Because I want one if so! No matter the cost. Stupid stupid horse. But I will save that for another post, cause it is worth the wait! Never dull is that horse (never smart either but oh well). His new hastag above is perfect #ifionlyhadabrain!

Image result for stupid stupid gif
Me to Remus most days!

Did everyone have fun-filled weekends? Did people have good weather? (We really did, it was a shock and I should have lunged my horse at least but he was so damn stupid I was afraid I would DIE). I played with the tractor moving manure, and cleaning the stalls out really well and all the buckets. We have a cold front coming so I wanted to be ready.

Related image

We had 50’s on both Sat and Sun but we ended up busy doing a lot of other things and wasted my time that could have been me working my horse….but not by myself! Ahem…..sooooooo let me live through your adventures!! UGH here it’s Monday. Let’s hope Friday comes fast!!

Still muddy in case you were worried. UGH… (This looks way better than it is!)

Buckle down the hatches after today it is going to get brghhh brghhh cold here. ICK  I think some of you have it a LOT LOT worse coming. Stay safe!!


12 thoughts on “Build a Gate and They Will (Mostly)Ignore It!

  1. We had awesome weather (not gloating at all) but the paddocks were still muddy so of course I still had a muddy horse even though the sun had been shining for 4 days in a row. I was able to fit in two rides, during one of which she hurdled poles on the ground like they were 3 feet tall. So great (not)

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  2. Nice gate. Super smart idea too,I was a lazy ass all weekend. had zero energy and could barely keep my eyes open which is very strange for me. I took the hint my body was giving me and watched movies all weekend. I did ride Friday and hope to ride tonight as well, but I think H’Appy is a bit off on that damn right front foot where he took a chunk out of for no apparent reason. That horse is going to be the death of me.

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    1. yes this place is the weirdest place to be built for horses and the only gate on the property is back by the barn?? We have plans for another one on the front field area where I lunge etc. It is insane. I need gates people these fences are too tall (and boards too weak) for me to climb over. They have a couple passthroughs in the fences that are built for skinny people than us! But give me a gate any day! LOL thanks!


  3. Remus probably figures the gate was the pig’s idea. Very dangerous. Clearly. Also, looks like whoever did your fence learned from the idiot I hired. How hard is it to make sure the nails are doing a job? It doesn’t seem that hard.
    This weekend was pretty nice here too! Cold Saturday, but Sunday was 45! No riding for me either yet. Soon hopefully! (For both of us!)

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  4. Saint Mark, LOL

    I agree with Stacie above that R assumes the gate was Satan pig’s idea and therefore a trap. You *assume* R is dumb, but really he’s 5 steps ahead of Satan Pig, so should be cut some slack.

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