Schnauzer Saturday

Ollie showing off his best side!

Schnauzer Saturday is upon us! It is very cold in TN today and going to be lows in the teens tomorrow (Sunday) night after raining all day tomorrow and staying in the 30s. ICK Do not like! Where is Spring? Ollie and Gretchen want to know! (So do I for that matter!)

So cold out that Gretchen is wearing two coats!
Ollie and Gretchen waking up this morning…so cute!
Brother Ollie works as a pillow…
two peas in a pod (in my lap!) Life is good (even if it is cold out)!

Wherever you are stay warm if it is cold there (and stay cool if it is warm where you are!). Enjoy your weekend!!

7 thoughts on “Schnauzer Saturday

      1. yes we will be 60 by Friday/Saturday (cold up to then) But we also have rain coming over the weekend too…soooo? I think we are at a draw πŸ˜‰


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