Cold Hands, Warm Heart?

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It is pretty cold here today. We got a bunch of rain so so much for all the drying up we got and not only that but it is 19 today so all of that water is frozen. Remus had to gingerly figure out how to get out to the field today as it kept breaking through as he walked out to the field. BRGHH

My hands and face were frozen doing the barn (I had gloves and a hat and was in the barn). It is insane. It is only getting to 30 today (if that) and dropping back down in the teens tonight. The wind chill is horrible and drops it even further.

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Totally my feelings right now

I just can’t believe how cold it gets in the South. I think because of the humidity (which we have even though it is cold) it feels even colder. I am inside and my hands still are thawing.

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Totally my thoughts today. NOT FAIR!

I want some warmth. I want some sun (Okay the sun just came out but considering the temps that doesn’t really help). I want some warm weather. And I think the horses are sick of it too. I bought Tate a new blanket (a medium) and am so glad I did. I put it on him last night and he seemed totally comfy this morning and he is out in the field happy too. Remus is still doing his layer thing since he had his liner on yesterday with a sheet so last night, I didn’t want to put a cold blanket on him so I just swapped his sheet for a 100 gram. He seems pretty toasty too. Their first thoughts this morning was hay though (usually they play a bit). Remus got the hay net open first thing so before I shut it up again I had to take some photos of him. What a goof.

Could Remus be any further in? And see Tate’s snazzy warm blankie?
Remus like if she doesn’ts make eye contact I am okay doing this…wrong!

More news coming up on Remus soon and his boot camp extraordinaire. If he only knew….

What did she just say: Remus probably!

I am feeding the three amigos (geese) now and if I don’t go out first thing they come up to the front door wanting their breakfast. HA. They are getting tamer too.

Still have three of them fighting like cats and dogs they are so funny they have to be together but fight and get pissy with each other.
Here they are the other day asking for breakfast!

I wonder if one of them will nest or not? There used to be a goose family here that did that so we shall see. I don’t know if it is two girls and a boy or two boys and a girl (I think it is that, the way they fight).

How is it in your neck of the woods. I hope no one was in the area of the tornados yesterday! How much snow did you northerners get? We even had some snow yesterday morning (okay more like sleet but it counts). SO I will be here under blankets till Spring. Ollie now knows how to turn the heated throw on the couch on and is curled up on it. No dummy, he!! Or he gets under a laptop in someone’s lap. Either way it warms him up!

Life is good in Ollie’s world!

19 thoughts on “Cold Hands, Warm Heart?

  1. It’s been like 65 during the day here, and only 55 at night. It’s so weird and throwing us and the horses off after last week of snow and a high of 40 lol. But now we enter March which is our bad weather month, but Feb was bad soooo….cross your fingers it’s not horrible? LOLOL I hope your weather starts getting better too! The no sun here has been hard for me too lol.

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  2. You do NOT want Canada geese nesting on your farm. OMG! They are the worst birds, noisy stinky and will bring 500 of their friends. They are aggressive too. I would stop feeding those things if I were you. And you know I love ducks and geese lol

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  3. Saturday was gorgeous and then it poured yesterday. Chilly in the 50s for the work week and then…more rain Fri-Sun! You should have moved farther South ๐Ÿ˜‰ TN is basically still North…LOL! But come summer when I’m melting in 100 degrees and 1000% humidity, you’ll be cooler and happy.

    Quit with the vague bootcamp posts already..HA! I need details!!!!!!

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    1. We will have the 100 degrees and 100 humidity too. I have told anyone who knows me when I bitch about that i want them to smack me. Hard. and hahaha on dragging it out ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. We’ve got 7-8″ and a bit more cold and windy than y’all. I’m also eager for warmer days, but I know we aren’t guaranteed those with any consistency until late April, so I’m not too upset about it all. After spending so many years angry about weather I have zero control over, I decided to just accept what came and make the best of it lol. Lots better for my stress/anxiety levels. The horses don’t seem to care as long as the hay keeps coming!

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  5. Also super cold in Texas today, but not snow! Other then work and back I am staying indoors. My barn is closed on Mondays so I don’t have to feel guilty about not seeing Rio. I’m sure he is playing it up with the donks in turnout and probably not worried about the cold!

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  6. We’ve been extra cold here in coastal BC too – my gardening guide for the area says I should be planting a bunch of stuff now, but it’s not happening!

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  7. I think I heard yesterday that our temps were something like 30ยบ below average… even now the windwhills in the negatives! So the snow we got over the weekend isn’t going anywhere. I like Ollie’s tactics haha!

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  8. We have similar weather to yours- it was SO cold last night. Stuff like this makes me glad that the farm we were going to buy a couple years ago fell through ๐Ÿ™‚ At least Ollie is all cozy!

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  9. I’ve been a blanket monster in the house too, though to be fair I’m a Californian born and raised so my acclimation skills suck.

    Too cute your pooch wants to be your laptop surface lol. I hope one of the geese nests so you’ll share gosling photos with us!

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  10. The cold is here now. It’s miserable. We got about four inches Friday night into Saturday morning, then it was nice out and a lot melted. But Sunday night into Monday we got hit with close to a foot. And now it’s effing cold. So over it. Need spring.

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  11. Iโ€™m a far north northerner that has escaped to Hawaii for 2 weeks! I am in total denial about returning home to the cold and snow. I said to my hubby the other day that โ€œmaybe it will be all melted when we get home?โ€ He looked me like I was crazy… lol

    Hope it war,s up for you soon!

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      1. Itโ€™s tempting! No green card though – might be hard to work and pay for things! A van by the beach could work though!

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  12. We’re in the 20s here which is absolutely absurd. And of course I had to take the dog for a run in it so I never catch a break with the animals. Isn’t that just the way? Is it time for vacation yet?

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