Crazy Like A Fox!

Sorry he is so far away but he was regal! Till he started hopping then he was just funny!

So Thursday was like Wild Kingdom at my house. So many animals, so much going on. NO PIGS thank godness and Remus and Tate seem to be fine with the other animals. But at one point my field out front had three geese, one house cat, and a fox. And the fox was having such a good time. I videoed a ton but this is one of the best one.


The fox is hopping with glee. So funny. Then he took off (get it, fox on the run) and skeedaddled.

times like this I wished I had a camera and not a phone to take photos with!

We also had the neighbor’s white cat fishing at our pond. She was like three feet away from the geese who were three feet away from the fox at times. It was insane.

Sorry it was so gray and this was the best i could get of the white cat….

The cat finally left and the geese never seemed bothered by either the fox or the cat but I was frozen cold, standing out so long taking videos.

Also this morning this was waiting at our dock…..

IMG_1296 (1)
Mark was out with me with the dogs and this hawk could give two shits about us all LOL He was looking for breakfast!

The wildlife here is remarkable. As long as pigs stay the eff away all is good! Remus and Tate both were interested in me videoing and kept coming up to see if I had cookies (I did not). So sorry guys. Not that either needs cookies!

Tate had a mini-meltdown when I put the sheet on (He is still so damn spooky)so I put it all on I was so mad then I removed it cause I was like you don’t need it anyway! PONIES
Remus in all his glory. OMG what a mess, fetlocks, mane you name it!! He still has the liner on today but will go out later and remove if it gets warmer as they say!

Anyway, this is most likely Remus’s last weekend home before he goes to get his butt kicked at boot camp.

Related image
Remus probably with all the other horses behaving…

He will head out either Sunday or Monday (not sure yet) to go to Kentucky. Yep May As Well Event gets to babysit Remus (and take lots of photos and media to send me!!) and watch fat Remus get back into shape. Her trainer was nice enough to take Remus on in her training program since I literally could not find anyone to take him around here that either had space or even an indoor. They also have my permission to make him less feral looking! I am so excited!

Image result for so so sorry gif
Me to Remus

I am figuring Remus will be there a month or a bit longer but we shall see how he does. I am really excited and while I wish it was closer I am glad someone I trust is near him to keep an eye on him. Emily may hate me by the time this is all over (sorry in advance for what a pain I am going to be,, I owe you wine or something)! It will be fun to see if Remus enjoys being back in work. Meanwhile Tate is staying here and I hope he can handle being alone or I will have to borrow a horse to keep him company till Remus is back.

Image result for what have i signed up for gif
Me to Remus and Tate! OMG they have no clue

The weather is supposed to be in the 70s this weekend (YAY) but rain and storms (BOO). I am glad my horse is going to somewhere where he can be ridden. Doesn’t look optimistic for here anytime soon!

Happy Friday!

Related image


18 thoughts on “Crazy Like A Fox!

    1. I was fascinated by that fox. I was out there waiting to fight for the cat if i had to! LOL that cat must have 17 lives. The neighbors leave it outside (It has a cat bed and heat lamp etc but coyotes, foxes, hawks oh my) UGH. and it is pretty brave to be all the way here on my property! (And Remus will have so many regrets I am sure too bad he can’t take over writing my blog)! HA


  1. The Fox was hunting mice. They listen for sounds of movement, then pounce to stun/catch in their paws before snacking. They are excellent mousers. We have some urban foxes here in Madison and they are remarkably blasé around people.

    The geese will need to watch their nest because foxes love bird eggs if they can get them.

    I can see you adding a mini donkey so Tate can feel like the big guy for a change. Vacay is over, Remus!
    Betsy in WI

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  2. Squeee!!! Look at that bushy fox tail! So darn cute. We had a black fox at one time but I haven’t seen him in a while.

    Yay for Remus boot camp! Exciting that it’s with another blogger so you can get tons of updates.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. omg i LOVE the fox!!! im glad satan pig hasn’t made a return and I hope he never does. Otherwise I’m coming down to Tennessee and we’re having fresh bacon for breakfast.

    Liked by 1 person

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