Schnauzer Saturday

They think the heater is on (it isnt)!

Schnauzer Saturday is upon us! This week went fast (and slow at the same time)! How was your week? I hope it wasn’t as crazy as mine (work wise anyway!). We have more rain coming with thunderstorms and wind so horses will go up soon just to play safe.  One thing I will not miss is Remus’s stall for a bit. Man he is nasty. LOL

Me to Remus

So Gretchen and Ollie have been typical cuteness all week. Prepare yourself. You have been warned 🙂

lazy pups
When you clean the fish tank or unload dishwasher (anything that makes noise) Ollie has to grab a toy for safe keeping!
mid yawn
IMG_1318 (1).jpeg
work work work Ollie says!
She does smile with her tail!
Happy Weekend Gretchen says!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. If you are in the southern region like me stay safe this weather looks bad!!

Image result for stop the rain gif


4 thoughts on “Schnauzer Saturday

  1. We had a beautiful day on Saturday and then it got chilly again. The weather was definitely not like this last year – what is going on. I suppose I should be grateful that the ground is drying up very quickly

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  2. Saturday was pretty nice up here, got almost to 40 and we saw the sun! Sunday however, started out snowing and then poured buckets the rest of the day. Gross. I’m seeing 40’s in the forecast this week though, so that’s exciting! Come on SPRING!
    Your pups have a very extensive wardrobe. Adorable!

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