Remus Has Landed (in KY)

YES my horse rolled in mud before heading to KY! My horse is such a heathen right??
Not ashamed at all is he? No he is not.

Crazy roadtrip aside, Remus is now in Kentucky for boot camp. I am sure he slept it off all day since that is what I feel like doing. It took me forever to finally meet up with Emily‘s Trainer (now called ET here on out, ha) and I apologize officially to them that everything that could happen, happened to me driving to Knoxville. A) Traffic accidents shutting roads down, check B) Traffic just basically insane check, check, C) Just everything taking longer than it should (also my truck needs a bigger gas tank when hauling, seemed like I stopped every five minutes). Check, check, check


Image result for sleep it off gif
Remus probably looked dead in the pasture today just cause he was so exhausted. 

I let Remus and Tate out in the big front field for a while on Sunday before loading Remus up and heading out. I aced Tate before leaving (just a mini-bit of ace just so he wouldn’t be too wild). I think I aced the wrong horse. Remus was pretty agitated (though still behaving) every time I stopped. He wasn’t even eating!! (fall over in shock I know) And I had a (newer not the muddy one) sheet on him cause it was low 50s and chilly when I left Millington.

Image result for hot flashes gif
Pretty sure this was Remus a few times on the trip

The temperature went up and down about six times at one point being 72 degrees(!!) then dropping back in the 50s in the mountains. I had put a newer sheet on him and couldn’t get it off him without crawling under him in the trailer so I opened all the windows up on the trailer and said several Hail Marys that he would be okay. He was a bit sweaty a couple stops but I think that was more for all the DAMN TRAFFIC that was heading East on I40 with me. Tractor trailers, campers, regular cars, and trucks all going autobahn on the road past me. He was a bit google-eyed at it all going by him but over all a good boy and a good traveler. But it was a lot of rough roads and a lot of time on the trailer, poor guy.

Image result for fast and furious gif
Movies okay yes, real life nope not worth it!

I was going a steady 65 trying to get to 70 but the damn mountains we crept into kept me from achieving great speeds. Plus it stresses me out going that fast. I was just in the slow lane the whole time. One accident that stopped me for about a half hour (sitting still on a road surrounded by tractor trailers with ambulances trying to get by is not fun either!), it looked like someone was going just a bit more fast and furious than they should have and it set off a five car accordian accident with the pickup truck ending up in the median with all the stuff in the back of the truck spread out. They had someone on the gurney but she was sitting up so hopefully all was okay. People should not drive that fast all stacked up behind each other. Another accident I passed didn’t look like it ended as well. SLOW DOWN people. Okay off my soap box now 🙂

Related image

When we finally met up, late last night, I know ET was so glad to finally see me so she and her crew could get back home. Remus was a star and unloaded in the dark and then loaded in a slant load step up four horse gooseneck (that he had never seen before)like he has been doing this all his life. He was looking around but kind of like oh cool it’s a Lowes (like he even knows what that is) then got on the trailer. I was so busy throwing all his stuff in their truck and trailer I really didn’t get to say goodbye. I felt a bit of a pang for a minute. It also felt very odd driving back south with an empty trailer. And it is even odder here at home with just Tate around. Tate seems okay though he looks sad and every once in a while he whinnies. AWWW anyone want to send a pony my way for a few weeks? So sad. Tate might end up in the house!

Image result for so sleepy gif
me totally I feel like i have a hangover (no alcohol was drunk yesterday or today) 

ET texted me in the wee hours ( I stopped at a motel around 12:30 as I just couldnt drive toward home any longer)  to tell me that they had gotten back and Remus unloaded fine and was doing ok. Whew. Emily will go visit him and send me photos. Right, Emily? I feel very surreal without him around. I am also sleep-deprived (I am not used to being up that late ugh). I was back on the road this morning about 6 am to get home so I could work.

So here we go! Remus is at a trainer to get back into shape. This could be fun (for everyone but Remus!) HA How do you feel when your horse goes away? Do you feel like a bad mom?? Or is it just me?

Image result for the journey begins gif

19 thoughts on “Remus Has Landed (in KY)

  1. Poor sad Tate. He will be so happy when Remus comes back home. Will you be heading up there for lessons at all or is it too far? I bet Remus would be writing letters from summer camp back home to you if he had thumbs. “Dear Mom, I don’t like fat camp. The hay is dry. The rations are too small. The camp leader is pushy and makes me work. I hurt all over. Please send cookies. Love, Remus

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    1. ha Emily and I were writing Tate sob letters last week. DEAR REEEEEEEMUS PLEASE COME HOME SOON I LUV YOU FOREVER hahahah 🙂 I am not sure when I will get up there…will see 🙂


  2. Yay for Remus getting to Kentucky! So exciting! He’ll be svelte in no time. I haven’t seen June since Thursday and am SO ANXIOUS to get to the barn and go see her!!
    I hope Tate is doing ok!

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  3. What a hellacious sounding trek! I’m glad to hear he made it to KY in one mostly-happy piece. Hopefully he takes well to the work and doesn’t resent his “retirement” being over too much. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. He looked totally happy and relaxed when I saw him last night. Munching hay, checking out the other horses in the neighboring fields, and making some new human friends. altho – I officially have more footage of your horse in 2019 than I do of my own… ❤

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  5. I hope there’s someone there to document each ride… Poor Remus, gonna be working hard!
    And yes, it’s SO weird to not have one of them around when they’re literally always there. But it’s a less bad feeling when they’re off with the trainer (or at a show) versus at the vet hospital, that’s for sure!
    Can’t wait to hear all about boot camp!

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    1. i just didn’t realize how it would be not to have him stalking me at the front door or nickering when I came around to the barn LOL. But yes I hope we get some documentation. I think Emily needs to take a sabbatical and just follow Remus like a paparazzi for a bit.


    1. Seriously Tate can get to hay and water now without grumpy ass Remus chasing him away. He should be HAPPY (Tate I mean)….

      Ha ha on sending P away 🙂 Poor P. So misunderstood HA!


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