Tate Is A Dramatic Pony Plus A Remus Update

All by myself
Don’t wanna be
All by myself

most pitiful pony in all the land right?

Poor, poor Tate. He is doing fine without Remus but once a drama queen always a drama queen right?

Related image
totally Tate without the wine!

He eats, he drinks, he poops, all is normal. But he is sad and he wants to make the most of making you feel bad by being sad. He whinnies once in a while, sighs, then moves on. Drama drama drama…oh Tate you silly pony!

Related image
me to Tate…

I tell you just having a pony here is a big deal on reducing workload. Stall easy peasy to clean, feeding (so much less food being used) and so on. Tate is nervous but otherwise okay. But honestly he was more nervous with Remus around. Now Tate is just looking at everything.

Walking with me to the front field for a couple hours grazing time.
IMG_1370 (1)
He had a few moments of running and being goofy which I missed on my phone but settled down to eat.

When I went out to get him I actually took the dogs with me. And we all walked back up together to the back field. Ollie even helped catch Tate (okay no catching was needed, Tate walked right up to the gate to be caught, then sniffed Ollie quick to see what he was).

So Tate is okay. I feel a bit bad for him and could borrow a friend’s horse (she has five!) if I needed to but will see how he does this week. He is just lonely. Poor Tate. AWWW right?

And now for what you all have been waiting for. A quick update on Remus!

Image result for superstar gif
what Remus thinks he is!

Remus has settled in and Emily has gone to see him and meet him. It is kind of funny how she met him before she met me. We will have to remedy that. He has been a hit at that barn so far. ET got on him  yesterday for the first time and he could not have been better. He has the cutest trot right?

Very pleased he didn’t do anything stupid (I didn’t think he would, but you always worry, right?).

What a good fellow! First ride since October 26! Not too shabby!

Sounds like Remus has fit in just fine. He had a quick ride and ET has figured him out and has a game plan for him. He really was a good boy for them after arriving in a brand new place and just settling right in. I think he misses being at a boarding barn. I also hope I don’t have to send the Swat Team in to get him when I want him back. I have a feeling they may be spray painting him bay or something to hide him out so I can’t find him!

OMG laughing so hard here but I can see it!

Anyway, I am so happy he is behaving and hope that he gets into the groove pretty quick. The fat buckskin definitely needs to slim down some! Another quick clip below. Considering the last thing he jumped in October was about 18 inches, he is not too shabby! Thanks to Tuscany Hollow Stables and Emily for helping me find a place for Remus to learn to be a riding horse again! I think Remus’s fan club is growing again! He has a habit of collecting fans no matter where he goes!

Remus is like wtf happened….HA

19 thoughts on “Tate Is A Dramatic Pony Plus A Remus Update

  1. Those videos are adorable – he looks like he’s settling right in. And oh Tate, he may have to move into the house with y’all. You already sound WAY less stressed

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think you should have just sent Remus to CT. I have no grass, so he’d slim right down…
    Joking aside, he looks great! I’m sure he’ll get right back to where he was in no time. I hope Tate feels less sad and lonely soon, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hahahha i could have had a lottery on who gets Remus right?? Tate is in right now due to a perfectly lovely looking day right now with tornado activity to the south of us. Will let him out later. He is such a nervous rabbit can I SEND HIM TO CT instead? Thanks!


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