It’s A Special Schnauzer Saturday: Bernie Joins The Clan

Image result for mom he's touching me gif
My household right now (Gretchen is the one saying YOU ARE TOUCHING ME, Bernie is saying NO I AM NOT) ha

As those of you who follow me on Instagram or who know me otherwise already know, we added to our crazy household this week. Bernice (who is supposedly a schnauzer/shitzu mix but is definitely not in my mind) joined us this week. She looks a lot like Ollie in photos not so much in person.

Me bringing her home.

Also she is only about 5 lbs bigger than Ollie but looks double his size. She has short legs and a wide chest, long back. Who knows what her mix is. One thing she is is CUTE. And WILD. She is supposedly about a year old or possibly a bit more? She can get from one end of the house to to the other in a single bound and jumps into chairs over the side of the chair rather than from the front like a normal dog.

So happy when her batteries run down!
Two of a kind


Mark thinks I am crazy (per normal) but I am hoping Ollie will play more with Bernie and less with Gretchen who likes to sleep more than play. Gretchen is not happy with this addition but the barks and growls are less each day so fingers crossed they become a threesome soon enough. Ollie is enjoying Bernie and nonstop playtime but at night Ollie is tired and wants to sleep not play and Bernie has to learn to chill.

Meal time goes well no one is food agressive…
so cute, can you even see the Ollie?
Sleepy time (and she looks like Ollie here)

So our world is upside down right now with figuring out Bernie’s habits and taking her out in the night. But we do love her and she is a sweet sweet puppy. Speaking of upside down, the geese continue to entertain me daily. I walked out this morning with the dogs and saw this in my pond.

IMG_1443 (1)
yes there are two goose asses up in the air….
Asses up!

Happy Weekend to all! And don’t be like me and go on doggie rescue sites or you too will add to your menagerie! HA! You have been warned (Totally kidding, GO on all the rescue sites, ADOPT DON’T SHOP!)

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I collect dogs, and horses, and…..I am just not as fancy as Bowie!


18 thoughts on “It’s A Special Schnauzer Saturday: Bernie Joins The Clan

  1. I’m so so so excited for you!! She is adorable!! And has adjusted so well?? Was she in a foster home when you adopted her? Sometimes that can make the transition easier. Can’t wait to see updates!

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    1. She was turned in by her owner to the rescue who placed her in foster for about 3 weeks then we got her. She is really wonderful. I mean puppyish yes but pretty darn good considering!! 🙂 And her beard reminds me of your pups! I love her.

      Liked by 1 person

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