Tate: Crazy or Misunderstood?

Once a cookie monster always a cookie monster (PC May As Well Event)

Remus is doing great in training. Just being a good boy like hoped he would and just pleasing everyone. He is loving being in the thick of things again, it sounds like too. It is great hearing wonderful things about your horse instead of oh what a maniac he is or when are you coming to get him? Many thanks to Emily for keeping tabs on him for me!

Image result for normal gif
Remus at the new place….pretty sure

Meanwhile back on Survivor Island (my new name for this place because of Tate), Spring has sprung. It is still very chilly at night but daytimes are 50-60s and lovely. Some rain coming today but my paddock and field areas are almost dusty! Wow.

Image result for mind blown gif
both from Tate and from the fact my field is almost dry (HERE COMES THE RAIN)

But Tate has almost made my last brain cell combust. He ate hardly anything last night, barely drank water and spun in his stall all night making a huge mess. BECAUSE HE THOUGHT HE HEARD SOMETHING/SAW SOMETHING outside last night when I put him in his stall. IN HIS STALL IN THE BARN where he was safe. He was totally chill yesterday. And I was like great he is being normal. Um no.

Yesterday walking on a loose lead up to field. Chill

He wouldn’t eat his grain this morning, wanted out immediately so I let him out so he could stand guard and look and listen all morning. I finally took him out front where he proceeded to spin and run me over the whole way but now he is out grazing and happy.


I am about ready to send him back to his owners. I love him dearly but I am really starting to think most of Remus’s spooky was cause by Tate (or they fed off each other).

Image result for danger danger will robinson gif
Tate when on high alert

I am also worried this ‘free pony’ who already cost me a fortune in feet care and so on is going to get ulcers worrying. I know he is by himself now and that is a factor but some days he could care less he is by himself and some days he is just a raving lunatic in need of a lobotomy.

Image result for lobotomy gif
Do they do these on ponies? I kid I kid 

I don’t think the owners are ready to take him back (no stall space)and really have no use for him which is a shame if nothing else because is a cute cute mover. So it will probably take time if I do return him anyway.  I think when he is in a routine and at a regular barn, he might not be as spooky? Maybe? Or they just drugged him to keep him sane, who knows? Anyone want a (lobotomized) pony?

Image result for free pony gif

I am beating myself up enough over this. But he is a lunatic at times (Not dangerous but I am worried for his own state of mind). And if he isn’t happy here what is the point? Any other ideas?

Image result for lunatic gif pink floyd
totally in his head

22 thoughts on “Tate: Crazy or Misunderstood?

    1. exactly he is NOT happy. Remus even here being spooky is happy as long as he gets fed and given cookies daily. Tate is lovely but he is not happy. And a pony that nervous is no use here in the rural area we are in. 😦


  1. Some horses DO rub off on others. He sounds extremely insecure, which could be from being alone or that he really is terrified of something he hears/smells. Could there be bears in your area? He needs a job or something!

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  2. I think sometimes it is hard for others to understand how a horse can behave at a small hobby farm vs a busy boarding barn, if they’ve only seen the busy boarding side of things. I’ve had a couple that did not handle a small hobby farm environment well and others that thrive much better. Also, being that I have two “freebies” that have been nothing but expense and headache, if you have an option to send him back, I would try to push the owners to take him back (given a fair amount of time to prepare, etc). They should want him back if he’s stressed and not happy for his benefit.

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  3. She seemed so quick to dump him on you. My guess is that this probably isn’t unusual behavior for him and she figured it could be your problem. I’d make them take him back. He is their horse after all and their responsibility. He isn’t happy and you don’t want to deal with a colic or feel like you can’t take Remus anywhere because of Tate. Lots of ponies and donkeys out there and a donkey would beat the snot out of a pig

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  4. When I had Ryon out in pasture, he shared his pasture with a donkey buddy who he LOVED (we loved him too). Let’s add to the crowd at Survivor Island, shall we? Plus they’ll keep the coyotes away

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  5. I agree with you. I’m not sure Tate is really working out how you had hoped. I’m sure you could find a fairly inexpensive companion for Remus if you returned Tate to his people. A mini horse or donkey perhaps like others have mentioned. Don’t get a goat though. They’re effing annoying. Cute. But annoying. They get into EVERYTHING.


  6. Aw, I’m so sorry things aren’t working out how you had hoped.
    I think you know what you need to do, but regardless of what you choose, we will all support you in whatever decision you make ❤

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  7. Ugh, what a tough call. It’s doing the T-man no favors to be stressed and anxious all the time, so maybe it’s time to send him back? Before you end up having to deal with ulcers and the expense that comes with that.

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  8. I’m in the “send him back if you can” camp. Sounds like he needs to be worked or rehomed – he would be so cute pulling a little cart, with those white socks! Anyhoo – I”m sure there are lots of cute mini donkeys out there looking for homes, when Remus needs a friend again 😉

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