Do Horses Read? Maybe They Do?


53618390_375318659719557_5372337108939702272_nAs far as I know Remus is doing wonderful. I try not to bug ET (since I can just bug Emily to get me any news of what he is up to) but from what I understand he is still gathering fans. Here he is in a brief snip that Emily got for me with one of his many fans riding him the other day cause her horse was bad. So ET got on her horse and she hopped on Remus!

How freaking CUTE IS HE?? I mean really. #notbiasedatall 🙂

So do horses follow blogs? Well, if you asked me I would say, yes. Tate certainly has done a complete turnaround in the last couple days since my last blog post.  He has calmed down and while looking around he is still not freaking out at all and even eating, drinking water and being cute again. Not sure why. There could be various factors.

Eating hay (or licking the gate) but quiet either way!


The weather has been fabulous. Cool at night but sunny in the day and about 50-60s each day. He seems to thrive on nice weather with not a lot of wind and craziness.

wanting more cookies from me….which he would barely come and get the other day from me due to being so damn scared of everything, not today!


The other night (the night I posted so Wednesday), he was better in the stall when I put him up but still a bit spooked and looky. So I threw one of the sheets over the divider between Tate’s stall and Remus’s stall so he had some security from whatever was going to get him that way. And I also put a sheet over the hay door in Tate’s stall and opened it up and left it that way so he couldn’t see out the front door window and watch all night.

Image result for i am so happy gif
Me each morning to Mark after going out to feed Tate…ha

Since then his stall has been better, he has eaten most of his hay each night and drank some water as well. And better yet he is happy to see me in the morning and while still not a great eater in the morning of his grain he is still eating some of it before wanting to go out.  Coincidence with the weather and the blockage of all the spooky places to look in his stall? Probably for sure.

Image result for coincidence gif
Yeah whatever I will take it for now

So he may be a raving lunatic in a day or so but I am so ENJOYING not stressing over this pony. Like I worry night and day about him even when I am inside. I think we are both neurotic at this time. As I joked today to Emily,  I go outside and I am like who am I going to see Dr. Jekyll or Mr.  Hyde??

Image result for Dr jekyll gif
Tate some days…

I think Jekyll was the good guy, right? Whatever, I am loving that Tate is being the cute pony I love. I still messaged his owner and said I think he needs a better situation and she got right back to me about finding him something better. I told her for the pony’s sake it would be better. They (her barn) are also showing the next couple weeks so I told her he was fine for now but see what she can do. He really is fine here for a few more weeks if need be. But I definitely think he needs a new soft place to land with a few more horses around. I would say more structure but I think he has structure here since I lead him up and back each day and he is fed regularly and put up each night. But the world is a scary place for Tate and maybe he needs to be in a crowd?? Who else has a neurotic pony? Maybe we need a support group? Or at least a group hug??

Image result for support group gif

Happy Friday all! Enjoy your weekend! We have 65 today and tomorrow then rain coming Sunday (I am not listening, weather man)!

Image result for i am not listening gif

14 thoughts on “Do Horses Read? Maybe They Do?

    1. I know. I hate to send him away but if he is not happy. Remus (IF I CAN PRY HIM AWAY I am getting a tad worried they might make me pay ransom HA) hopefully will come back in April sometime? I have some work travel in April so probably will leave him there till the end of the month. We will see.

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  1. Maybe because you wrote about it, it got it off your mind and you relaxed, and he relaxed and then voila.

    Are you barn doors open at night? Just wondering if something strolls through/by the open doors and that freaks him out? Thus covering his views chills him out. Or your place is haunted LOL.


    1. I shut the barn up tight at night with him in ever since PigGate! LOL. I did have marks of something digging in the dirt trying to get into the barn yesterday morning but think a skunk or armadillo digging not anything too spooky….

      And I thought that too maybe it is me. But I dont think it is me. He comes to me to get away from whatever scares him.

      And maybe it is haunted 🙂 HA Our luck!

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      1. Eww stinky skunks! I would be terrified of that lol.

        Maybe he is just super sensitive to things. I know mine can be as far as moods etc. Which can be frustrating. I’m dealing with her sensitivity right now and its stressing me out, which I am sure is stressing her out.

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  2. I really don’t think Tate has a brain which is sad, but since I get the feeling he was always spooky which was partly why he was retired so young… Plus, sad as it is, not having him will allow you to find a horse that will fit your lifestyle and hopefully be a calming presence for Remus (and an occasional ride for Mark), plus a mini?

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  3. Wait I think I missed some important parts. I gather that Tate is leaving- but what will you do when Remus comes home? (Sorry if you already wrote about this, I got really behind on blogs for a couple weeks when life took over)

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    1. Hey Tate is not happy (he has been lately but he is back to staring today) and I am worried he is going to get ulcers or worse. He needs to be in a herd situation I think. I think he caused a lot of the spoook in my own horse. But he is not going anywhere yet 🙂 I will try to find something for Remus as a friend (Donkey maybe??) but something less needy and spooky than Tater Tot (I will miss that cute black pony though if he does leave)> His owner knows I want him in a better situation and is trying to find one. Want a pony? 🙂 HA


  4. Ahhhh that totally makes sense!! Donks are great companions- my horse growing up had one and there are 4 at my current barn. The horses get turned out with them so they can socialize since we don’t have group turnout. Rio lovesssss donkeys!

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  5. Remus looks great, other than a bit… round. Hahaha! We should start a fat horse support group.
    Jamp is much like Tate outside, but he’s usually pretty comfortable and happy in his stall. Except this week. This week he’s REALLY pissed because he seems to really hate steamed hay. The more days I serve it, the more pissed he’s getting. Vet comes Thursday though, so hopefully we can come up with another plan. Horses! Sheesh.
    I’m glad Tate’s owners are being understanding. Hopefully they’ll find something for him soon. Can you please get a couple of mini horses? PLEASE?!

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    1. I don’t want Minis really 🙂 I am so worried about keeping them in the fence. The tree guys are here today so I locked Tate up so he won’t freak and try to escape. HA (And I thought Jamp was your spooky one how did you show him) Jamp and Tate should live together. Sorry he wont eat the steamed hay.


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