Scaredy-Tate: The State of Tate

Bernie and Tate sniffing noses.This was a good day πŸ™‚

Tate is Tate and shall ever be Tate. He has good days and bad days. He was great Friday and Saturday and then yesterday on Sunday it took me ten minutes to get him from the field up to the barn paddock. Why you ask? Did it take that long? Well…

Behold the scary…flag?

Silly me put the Easter Flag up BEFORE taking Tate up. What an idiot I am right? Pony was halfway across the field coming toward me before he screeched to a stop. The front field is right by the front gate soooo oops.

Looking at meΒ 
Looking at the flag
scary right? Snoopy is SCARY? Never realized. LOL

So even though I was loaded with carrots and usually Tate runs right to me to come to the field gate, I had to walk out and get him. Then once we got out of the gate (nearer to the flag) he whirled and tried to run away. It is a flag, pony. A GARDEN FLAG.

Image result for scaredy cat gif

So then we commence to walk up the drive. Which is a LONG way to walk a pony who is scared of the flag behind him (as well as the damn geese in the pond, they flew in the field by the house one day and now Tate is scared of them as well). Whatever pony.

Pardon our wonky tape fence but otherwise pretty nice looking place if I do say so myself πŸ™‚
That big leaning tree is going down soon by a tree service. bye bye tree (Don’t want it to fall on our fence for sure!) Tate will have to be locked up that day so he doesn’t have a heart attack! πŸ™‚

We got up by the house and Scaredy-Tate screeched to a halt again. Oh yeah I just put an American Flag up by the front door. Oops again right? We got by that and he jumped sideways again (his little antics are not as bad as they sound I have no issues holding onto him and he doesn’t run me over so it is just annoying not dangerous).

Image result for is that all you got gif
I must be on a Thor kick lately but the gifs work so well (me to Tate)

We got up by the garage and you guessed it. SCREECH TO A HALT.

Wat dat?
New (pony eating) wire fences to keep dogs out of the flower beds (the white things leaning against the inside of the fence (YES THAT scared him)
not scared of the Chewy box but of the damn white tiny fences…
IMG_1629 (1).jpeg
Yes those white things scared him….

By then we were almost to the barn. I dumped him through the gate to the paddock and was like ugh go pony go. Staring warily at the white fences inside the dog yard (it is right next to his paddock) he wandered off to stand and watch everything move. (NothingΒ  moved). On Saturday morning I literally walked him up to the field and back with a loose lead line…letting him graze there and back. NOT yesterday. HA

Image result for guess what gif
Oh and??

And guess what? Tate is lame again. Sigh. (I am sure it is an abscess again but Tate is such a drama queen. I have been putting him out front for 2-3 hours a day but won’t today as it would take three days to get him up there, what with the lameness AND the spookiness). I will text farrier later today.

Everyone else have a good weekend??Β  We had glorious spring weather all weekend, then we had a doozy of a thunderstorm last night that woke me up it was so loud. Tate lived through it and ate his grain this am. So today may be a good day (except for the lame bit)! UGH MONDAY again.

Image result for lame gif
Me to Tate…..wth pony



15 thoughts on “Scaredy-Tate: The State of Tate

  1. Sorry Tate, but you gotta go…
    And yeah. Jamp is exactly like that, except that he will run you over if he’s particularly afraid because he forgets you’re there. Or pull the lead through your hands. You asked earlier how I showed him. Well… it was definitely a problem. He always has to do a warm up class. He will scoot and run in the first class no matter where you go. Just the first one the first day. He’s usually ok after that. But he’ll probably swap off at a scary plant on the ground, or a shadow… It was pretty frustrating. My trainer said, he’s a capable, nice horse, but he will always let you down when you need him not to. And that’s the best description of him. It why I stopped showing him. He was still sound enough to do the 3′ but it wasn’t worth it anymore.


    1. I cannot imagine showing a horse like Tate (or Jamp either sorry :)) Remus is spooky on his own but mostly it is umbrellas or motorized golf carts that get him. πŸ™‚


      1. He needed a lunge every morning. Got ridden in the ring most mornings if they let you. Perfect prep. It was a task. It was a little easier when he was a jumper, since it didn’t matter if he spooked as long as I could get him to the jumps. But my next one will NOT be like that!

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    1. We do hang American Flags around Memorial Day and so on. I had one that we left at our old house and I have other flags I hang but i needed a new flagpole and it came with the American one so I figured why not hang it early πŸ™‚ I also like the look of it hanging. What I really want is a British one too so I can hang both outside (My hubby is a Brit)! πŸ™‚ And Tate..he is totally normal this am πŸ™‚ (Well as normal as he gets!)

      Liked by 1 person

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