Schnauzer Saturday

can we laugh at how they even carry their tails the same?? 🙂

It’s another Schnauzer Saturday! Let’s start by looking at this beautiful saddle cover I ordered from Bel Joeor (her Etsy shop is here and her blog is here). The colors are much prettier than they look in the photo I took ( not much sun coming in today) but you can tell it has purple so you knew I had to have it! It fits great and is much heavier than it looks. Love it!! Go see what she has, I have a small bag from her and now this. I think I need more stuff! #morepurplealways

isn’t it beautiful and so cuddly too. I might need a pillow with this fabric 🙂

Image result for dr horrible gif

I bought Mark a charcoal grill and that thing is fantastic. The food is so much better than on the propane grill. We love it. I also bought him insulating gloves which he calls his Dr. Horrible murder gloves. So if I drop off the face of the planet, send help. I am just kidding, who would take care of the dogs and horses? Hmm?

He will want to kill me for posting this photo I know 🙂

Gretchen is the only dog allowed to run loose (while I am out there, never just by herself) the other two have to be in the dog yard to be loose. Gretchen is a good girl. The other two are on leashes otherwise, keeping up with them is a exciting time. Yesterday they (Ollie and Bernie) ran back and forth around the yard for about 10 minutes until they were exhausted. I don’t think Bernie ever just walks she leaps and pounces everywhere if she is not full out running.  However, I do need to get more photos of Gretchen for next week. She only got one this week on Schnauzer Saturday!!

No leash needed for Gretchen! Good dog. 

My dogs (and cat) continue to be the most spoiled creatures in the universe. Ollie still enjoys the crate which blows my mind. If we wanted him in there it would never happen. (He is in there right now sleeping and Bernie is standing outside waiting her turn.)

Bernie and Peeves getting along just fine.

Image result for timber gifThe tree service came and did our trees the other day. It was a wild few hours as every time something fell to the ground the house shook a bit. HA. Also those tree guys are insane, climbing up in those trees! Makes me fearful just to watch them.

It looks much better and more open now without the leaning trees. So that is done! I will have to take after photos this week.

Bernie does inventory on toys every day. Such a hard worker!

There is a very good chance Tate will be leaving in the next 10 days or so. Except for being off, he has been perfect lately. Figures. My farrier is coming to check him out on Monday to see if he has abcesses.

Image result for bye bye gif
Bye bye

I will be sad to see Tate go but might enjoy some horse-free time for a bit. And it will give me a chance to spring clean the barn and work on the paddock area!

He is pretty spoiled as well.

Happy weekend to all…we have bad storms coming our way today so I tossed Tate out in the front field this morning and am planning on getting him up soon and putting him in his stall in the barn. Hail, thunder, lightning, you name it is coming our way this afternoon! I think a lot of people have some weather coming their way from this storm system. Stay safe everyone!

Image result for batten down the hatches gif
As you do!

5 thoughts on “Schnauzer Saturday

  1. I love Ollie and Bernie!!! I’m going to need my daily dose of Bernie (and Ollie) pictures next week when I’m back at work, ok? Lol

    I’ll miss Tate (as will you), but I’m pretty convinced Remus is feeding of of his spookiness. He’s calm? So is Remus. He’s a mess? So is Remus. At least now you have the chance to find someone more low key, allowing Remus to feed off of that? Either way, enjoy the horse free time.


    1. Road trip and come see us sometime and bring Bowie!! 🙂 it is a lovely property. Even if I have to watch Bernie AND Ollie (they both got out of the dog yard yesterday. Bernie is like a weasel and can get out of anything, Ollie just popped the fence open HA). Dogs!!

      Of course Tate has been PERFECT lately HA


  2. I’m glad the pups are all getting along! Bernie looks to have settled right in just fine!
    Glad to hear Tate is heading to a situation that hopefully he will prefer. Can’t want to see what you find for a Remus companion next. My vote is a nice old quarter horse for the hubs.
    Talk of trees is stressing me out. My neighbor came over yesterday and asked me to pay half of the tree work he had done last fall because the trees were on my property. Do you believe that?! He asks after it’s done? Ugh, neighbors.


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