Weekend, Where Did You Go?

Jigsy (Stephanie’s 16.2 Haflinger!) I love his face so much. Too bad he is so damn big! 🙂 Isnt this a great photo of him though? The sun was just setting…

The weekend flew by again. UGH. Not much going on here these days. We had a few glorious days of Spring like weather but it was cold yesterday (albeit sunny as heck) and this morning it was 31 degrees. So yeah a bit nippy out.

Image result for cold gif
me when it gets cold again!

Tate is being really really good lately. He is still a bit off but it hasn’t resulted in huge drama so he has been easy to handle with it. My farrier is supposed to be coming today so fingers crossed we can get Tate sound before he goes back.

No one will ever accuse me of starving my horses right? LOL he is solid!

Our friends Stephanie and Henry rode to our house yesterday (it is 8 miles, nope not doing that, especially when it is chilly) and I hauled them back home so they didn’t have to ride in the dark or cold.

Image result for oblivious gif
Tate when horses come to visit

Tate never even realized there were horses on the property (he was in his stall eating hay) so I guess he was okay about it (I was worried about him running if I left him out). Tate did get a bit excited when I brought him up yesterday when he walked by the trailer (I had already hooked it up when they texted me earlier). I think he thought Remus was home. I felt bad for five seconds.

Image result for not really gif

I didn’t get photos of them actually at my house on their horses. I think my brain was frozen or something but I did get a few of them once we got them back to their place. Barley is their Tennessee Walking Horse that Henry rides and Cici is Stephanie’s gray mare (OTTB). They both (the horses, not the riders) were very confused why they rode all that way to my house but did not mind getting a lift back in my trailer (It was getting cold again by then)!

Stephanie kissing Barley as she brushed him. He is such a sweetie.
Mark really liked Henry’s TWH Barley. Isn’t he adorable? So sweet and laid back.
CiCi (not sure how she spells it) but she is a cute mare she events (and trail rides).

So while not a real horsey weekend for me at least I got to pet some other horses! And talk to horsey people. I am sure this cold snap is the last hurrah for us and it will be hot as hell soon enough. I would really like some more spring weather before it goes to triple digits!!

Image result for please mister please gif

I hope everyone else had some good riding this weekend (and spare me that April Fool’s shit. Emily got me good first thing this morning).

Happy Monday (no that doesn’t work, how about Monday is here, Friday is coming?) That is better!

Image result for friday is coming gif


11 thoughts on “Weekend, Where Did You Go?

  1. Yay for riding friends who live close by! Hopefully when Remus is home you can all go on some adventures!
    Boo for cold snaps. It was in the 60’s on Sat here, but yesterday was rainy and chilly, and it was 30 this morning. Boo. Come on spring!

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    1. I just pulled Tate’s med weight back on and put it on him before turning him out it is BRISKLY cold out there. BOO HOO the sun is out though….

      I hope to ride with them sometime!


  2. It was 74 and sunny Saturday and then 37 overnight and 50 and windy Sunday. But this weekend will be 79!!!!! I CAN NOT WAIT!!!! It will be spring bath time for all three horses. It is my favorite thing to do – get all that grime and hair off and make them gleam.

    I’m glad Tate is calming down. I hope he is happier in his next situation.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. if i hadnt seen him with my own eyes but I cant see over his back (which means he is over 16 hands)…not sure how he grew so tall but he has Haflinger papers..otherwise I would swear he was a cross…..


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