Remus At Camp…

Image result for camp gif this one timeI have decided that I am not paying for training for Remus in Kentucky as much as for summer camp (aka spring camp?). He is having so much fun. I am worried Remus MIGHT not want to come back let alone everyone there actually letting him leave.

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The latest photo I got was from ET on Remus in the creek after a dressage school. Is this buckskin having fun or what? I loved it so much I made it my header. He just looks like trouble doesn’t he? That face. SO CUTE. So bad.cropped-img_1946-1-1.jpg

So I started thinking of what Remus would say if he could write me a letter from camp. Pardon any grammatical errors, this is Remus’s writing, remember! πŸ™‚

Dear Mom (Or Feeds lady whichever works),

I’s loving this place called TRAINING. I not sure where TRAINING IS actually located because it took me a long while to get here and included two bus changes and I was very tired whens I got theres. I don’t remember much about my first few days at TRAINING since I was sooooo tired but I has settled in now. I gets ridden several times a week by different peoples and it is so much fun even if they makes me works. There is LOTS of activity round here and I’s is never bored. I’s is also never hungry (a fat buckskin for life I say). They has plenty of hays and foods for Remus plus yummy yummy treats. DID I mention how much I LOVES my treats? I do have to work some (boo) in somethings called dressssssssage ick but jumpies are fun too.Β  JUMPIES are much mores fun than CIRCLES. I hates circles.Β  They says I is learning to go forward better whatevers that means. I’s miss you some but not really. I LIKES it here too much. There is SO MUCH GOING ONS and I gets to eat in big grassy field with no ones to bothers me except for strange woman on pretty palomino horsey who shouts my names (strange woman shouts name not horsey) and takes photos of me. HOW RUDE, RIGHT? I thinks though Mom, I should stay till summers is over?Β  Ya think so too? OH AND BEFORES I FORGETS, SEND MORE TREATS, THANKS YOU.

Loves, Remus

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Remus when I show up I am sure

I am so glad he is doing so well. I am happy he is having fun. I am happy that ET sents me photos and Emily sends me videos. I can’t believe he has been there more than a month now. How odd. Right? Seems like forever and then it feels like yesterday. With the amount of rain we have had I am actually glad he isn’t around now.

I also have this feeling that this will be Remus when I go to get him as well.

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Ungrateful pony! Hmmph….Anyone else’s horses forget all about them when they go away for training or a show or whatever? πŸ™‚

Image result for ungrateful gif
Remus is spoiled!

Meanwhile, I am off to Columbus tonight till Wednesday evening for work. Wish me luck. I get in tonight at like 12 midnight due to no nonstop flights from Memphis so I have to fly to BWI to get to Columbus. UGH I don’t like staying up past 8 p.m.Β  This should be interesting. Have a great week all!

Image result for bed gif
Me at BWI later tonight. MUCH later tonight. Yawn.

15 thoughts on “Remus At Camp…

  1. Glad Remus is enjoying camp! Usually when mine get sent to camp, it’s not such a pleasant experience for them, and they are VERY happy to come back home… Hahaha!
    Safe travels today, sorry it’s going to be such a long day.

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  2. That creek!!!! How awesome!!! He looks so happy to be standing in it and soaking it up πŸ™‚ Chimi’s never been to away camp, only day camp, so not sure if he’d miss me? He does miss me when I’m gone for a long time but he’s just bored standing in a field when I go away so I guess he’s excited to do something again?

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  3. Yeah I don’t think Oak notices that I am gone… All for the best I guess, it would be worse if he was pining, but part of me at least wants him to perk up when I visit. Buuuuut nope.


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