Still Raining In Case You Were Curious

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Pretty much me every day lately here at home

After a whirlwind trip to Columbus, OH for work earlier this week (UGH 7 hours to get somewhere by plane that I could have possibly driven the same amount of time and got there, hate air travel), I am back home but it has done nothing but rain since I got home this week.


Sky in Columbus each morning it was glorious weather

And when I say rain, I mean buckets, loads, tons of it. Along with wind, lightning, thunder, even a dash of hail the other evening. Everything is under water again. Mud is everywhere. My barn is the same as it was when Tate left as the weather has been so horrible and the paddock is under water. So I am at a status quo on cleaning up the paddock and cleaning the barn. I hope this weekend we get some decent weather to work outside BUT the sponge-like ground is not conductive to clean up and draining the wetness out of the paddock.  I just can’t believe the amount of rain.

How sad was it I got excited seeing a PNC bank (and atm) in Columbus. We have none in Memphis so I quickly drew out some cash! HA

So not much is being done at the homestead this week. I have dental stuff scheduled this am so hope I feel good enough to do something this weekend. We shall see. Also, Columbus was a really cool city and I would not mind going back there for fun not work. Prices were very reasonable, it was a very clean (and safe) city to wander in most areas and it was a city but didn’t seem like a city if that makes sense. Seemed more like a city you see on television! HA

We stayed at the Hilton whch was lovely but wtf is up with this artwork on the ceiling? Not conducive to good sleep!

Remus is still chilling in KY going on trail rides, having some kids ride him, getting worked, and just paying no attention that he has another home. I hope to see him next weekend if I get to NotRolex which is my plan right now. I am totally winging this trip so we will see if it happens or not. 

The CVB took us out for dinner the first night and omg the best meal was had. Too bad I had a migraine all day long and could not partake of the cool drinks offered (water was my game that night) but the meal was excellent!!

So who has horse plans this weekend? Where you going? What you doing. Let me LIVE through you. I know River Glen is this weekend. I wish I hadn’t just gone away or I would drive up to cheer ET on there. Who else is showing this weekend?

One more shot of that glorious sunrise in Columbus! You can see the convention center and their mulitude of big LED screens throughout. It is a really nice center too! I am excited for 2020 for our conference (We are in NOLA this year not as excited for that)


14 thoughts on “Still Raining In Case You Were Curious

  1. That rain is heading here tonight. Yuck. Hope things dry up for you soon so you can get to work on the paddock! Prince Remus expects a dry paddock upon his arrival… Lol!
    No real plans here. I get to ride Eros, but from the sounds of it, we’re stuck indoors again.

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  2. Rain here today and then a ridiculous high of only 58 tomorrow!!! For reference it is going to be 85 on Tuesday. I hate 30 degree swings in temps. Sunday is Easter so we will be having an Easter egg hunt at the farm. Chocolate high for everyone right before he goes back to school again. What could go wrong with that??

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  3. Send some of that rain up this way please! We desperately need some moisture that isn’t SNOW.

    Finally got to go on a pony adventure yesterday with one of my good friends! Somehow my horse was the best behaved. And has decided to load again so wooohooooo!

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    1. oohh are you near there? I will be back (well in October 2020 for a week for our conference but probably at least one time before) plus going to take my husband there for a long weekend sometime. I really like the city there!! Will keep you posted!


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