Schnauzer Saturday

This was yesterday when it was still raining (Neighbor horses are back in the field next door, I still would like to steal one!) HA

Well the sun is out today but it rained its ass off the last few days and things are VERY saturated. And it is cold still. IMG_2008

I made out pretty well with the dental stuff yesterday. It was easier than I thought though my mouth is pretty sore. The actual injection of the numbing stuff took longer than the ‘surgery’. HA!ย  But I was pretty wiped out from the trip earlier this week and then this dentist visit so I slept most of the day yesterday.ย  SO what it was raining! and COLD!

pretty worthless Gretchen is right? ๐Ÿ™‚

Bernie is still settling in, she is completely wild at times and drives both Gretchen and Ollie crazy if they want to nap and she wants to play but they do all get along. Bernie plays a lot with the old cat (Peeves never knew he was a cat and never admits he is a sick cat)! HA

Peeves and Bernie playing

Five seconds this is the next photo I got (cat took off and Bernie was in the midst of taking off).

yeah that is a Bernie Blur!
Gretchen wondering if we could turn the heat back on or not!
IMG_1318 (1)
Ollie says come back later when it is warmer
still not warm enough
maybe tomorrow it will warm up?

Otherwise I am attempting to caffeinate myself into doing something constructive today. Not working so far. Hope everyone’s weekend is going great!

Image result for more coffee gif
me today

Dogs get groomed on Monday. Can’t wait to see what Bernie looks like groomed. Right now she resembles a mop or a muppet more than an actual dog!

Image result for mop gif
She is not this bad yet but soon!



7 thoughts on “Schnauzer Saturday

  1. We actually had a beautiful weekend for once and it’s now starting to get HOT. Next weekend it’ll officially be hot and we’ll all be wishing it was cold again. Welcome to summer???

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