Wild Animals Everywhere Plus Update on (Not) Wild Remus

Well hello there Mr Turtle! (lives under our apt deck stairs…)

This morning as we went out with the dogs we had six deer of numerous sizes in our field. It took me so long to realize what they were that I didn’t get a photo of them.

Places to go….

Then like ten minutes later we had two wild turkeys out in our front area with the resident goose. I only got the one photo of the one going away (so funny they like met and then separated off to do different business I guess one going toward the neighbors land the other toward where the horses are next door). Busy turkeys I guess, places to go people to see?

IMG_2063 (1).jpeg
That is NOT a hose or hoses outside my window, just saying

Then yesterday I was sitting at my work desk and saw two things go slithering by my window. And the person I used to be would have gone and stood on the washing machine until my husband came home and I would have been screaming. This new person who is on that snake identification page on Facebook, she saw them fly by and thought immediately: Those are Racers I need to go get photos. And outside I went. WHO AM I? HOW did this happen? Now I am never going to hold a snake if I can help it but I am less freaked out by them (AS LONG AS THEY STAY OUTSIDE THE HOUSE OKAY??). But I got some cool photos!

I posted the photos on the snake id page and in like five seconds I got the confirmation that I guessed right! Black Masked Racers (one is getting ready to shed, see his blue eyes?). So cool. They never even budged while I took a million photos. These guys can even kill other snakes so they are welcome to live here. Go find a copperhead or two guys! Thanks! (Objects appear closer than I actually was to them thank you iPhone for having a zoom feature!)

Where Mr Turtle lives….he got himself a sweet apartment if you ask me!

Now we have the turtle that lives under the stairs to the deck on the apartment. Mark saw him the other day and told me about him and I figured he didn’t know what he was seeing (Sorry Mark for not believing you!). But yep there he was today in the flower bed so I got a zillion shots of him too. What a beauty.

So cute his little claws
So you can see how small he really is….

Wildlife is plentiful here, you never know what you are going to see. It is really interesting to see all the wildlife. HOWEVER we found out that my truck fuel line was chewed. UGH So the warranty will not cover it but luckily it was not too expensive a fix and Edward should be done today or tomorrow! YAY! But now how to keep things from CHEWING MY FUEL LINE?? (I am seriously thinking it happened parking three full days at the airport this week. I parked below ground which I never do and it was gross there. I wonder about rats there?) UGH! But the truck will be back soon and sparkling in the sunshine again! 🙂

Image result for Edward gif
OH EDWARD I MISS YOU SO (The truck…not the vampire!)

Now onto a Remus recap. He is doing great (you guys tired of hearing that yet)? I talked to ET yesterday AND Emily was nice enough to get videos last night. I am so lucky to have found Emily and that she was nice enough to hook me up with ET. It is a great place for Remus I just wish it was closer. Emily had a lesson herself but she knew I would be hungry for videos of my pony and she delivered (without me even asking!) Thanks Emily!

Image result for you the best gif

Hopefully Remus will get to do some cross country schooling soon and he may (MAY) even be entered into a show while there to get some miles under his belt. Stay tuned. But now for cutest videos of the cutest fat buckskin ever!! Enjoy! How adorable is he?? I may be biased but still! Happy Wednesday all!

Image result for happy gif
Is it Friday yet?? Nope but sooner than it was Monday!

15 thoughts on “Wild Animals Everywhere Plus Update on (Not) Wild Remus

  1. At first when I read racers, I thought, what a clever cute name she came up with for snakes… shows how much I know. You’re brave (and Remus is cute but that doesn’t need saying at this point)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ugh, snakes. I’m with you though, let the nice ones that won’t hurt me live. I think I already mentioned, but there used to be (hopefully he’s around somewhere) a HUGE black snake in my area. I mean it was effing huge (like at least 8 feet long, and probably as round as baseball) and I didn’t like seeing him… but I liked how he ate all the rodents.

    Remus looks GREAT! Look how forward he’s trotting all in a frame! Still a bit… portly… but he wouldn’t be Remus any other way!

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  3. I LOVE ALL THE WILDLIFE! And that you ran out to get photos of the snakes <3. Gorgeous box turtle, too! Female with those light eyes (girls have light orange-yellow and males have red eyes). Watch and see if she digs a hole to lay her eggs in! If she's living so close, I bet she will.

    And Remus. So freaking adorable. I love him.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love all the wildlife. I’m like you…kind of want to be creeped out by snakes, but they’re so darn cool I’m intrigued. The turtle is awesome!
    Remus looks great!

    Liked by 1 person

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