Not Happening: Trip to Kentucky

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me right now

My current mood is dark. After getting my truck back Thursday morning my KY trip was back on. However the fuel cap light came on coming home yesterday then this morning the emissions light was on so back to Honda I went today. I had to go there THREE TIMES in one morning. So much time, so much annoyance.

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still me

The first time they checked the computer and reset something and said okay you are good to go. My exact phrase was Are you sure, I am trying to drive to KY? Answer was yes, you are all set. The emissions light was off so off I went and three miles down the road the fuel cap warning came on. Back to Honda I went. They took it from me and I went and sat in waiting room while they ran tests. Came back about 30 minutes later, all good, they ran all sorts of tests, no leaking etc. ALL GOOD BUT you can bring it in for diagnostics next week because there seems to be some gap leak but not fuel just emissions. You can drive it they say.

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It sure is!

DO you see where this is going?? So I left again. And went to get gas because it was getting low and at that moment I STILL was still going to KY. HA HA HA fate you are fickle.

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drama queen me

The minute I put the gas nozzle in the gas started shooting out the bottom of the truck (not the fuel line but the gas tank? WHO KNOWS) WHAT THE EFF IS THIS? (about this time I had a meltdown and the guy getting gas next to me had to calm me down)! HA HA HA And I also called Emily to vent. Poor Emily. She deserves a medal. For dealing with me!

It helps the hurt a bit. Not all the way but a bit.

SO BACK TO THE DEALERSHIP I went. Dying laughing here because if not I would beΒ  crying. I get in there the guy sees me again and to give him credit does not laugh. He just got my truck checked in there at the Honda Hospital and he did get me a loaner (Big ass Nissan Titan if you please). Which is great but still…I am not driving this truck rental to KY.

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Me at the dealership

And now it is Friday afternoon and whatever, the whole thing has just fizzled. UGH.Β  So I made the adult decision to stay home. I am planning on going to see Remus in a couple weeks and will meet Emily there. I won’t meet all the bloggers at KY this weekend but maybe next time. If you need me I am over here in the corner pouring sangria all over my feelings….

You suck Ridgeline

I am sorry to not have the great American blogger meetup I wanted. Sob.Β  And now all I want to do is sip sangria and look at new trucks. I also want to put a stake in Edward (my truck) and move on. Sigh. I can’t make this shit up but it makes great blog content, am I right?

Image result for buffy staking
Okay I am doing a crossover, killing Edward with Buffy but Buffy always ruled over Twilight!

Thank goodness it is Friday or I might really hurt someone!

16 thoughts on “Not Happening: Trip to Kentucky

  1. Ugh I’m so sorry! If it makes you feel any better I can’t go this year either. I’m crossing my fingers for next year but who knows.
    And that is so stupid that no one noticed something like that. Lots of hugs to you. And an ear anytime you wanna vent too lololol

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  2. That really stinks. I’m sorry. I would have been freaking out too. True story, G had to talk me off the ledge one time because it absolutely reeked of gas while I was driving away and I didn’t believe it wasn’t my truck about to explode and not the gas station simply smelling of…gas πŸ™‚



    Have you seen this, though?

    It is not horse related but I promise is slightly related to your post and always makes me smile πŸ™‚

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  4. This EXACT thing happened to my old car! The pipe that connects where you put the gas in to the actual gas tank had corroded. Thankfully, it wasn’t to pricey, just an annoyance.
    I’m sorry that happened for Not Rolex Weekend though. That totally blows. I’d have taken the rental, why not put lots o’ miles on someone else’s car?

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    1. I know but by the time all this had happened (LITERALLY DEALERSHIP THREE TIMES IN ONE MORNING) my brain was not into driving 6 hours. I just couldn’t stress levels were just too high πŸ™‚ And head was pounding! UGH
      Next year. You need to go next year too! πŸ™‚


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