Schnauzer Sunday

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Schnauzer Sunday it is. Somehow Saturday slips away from me so fast, so Schnauzer Sunday has become a thing! We still have a mouse in the house and Mark went to do laundry and found cat food stuffed in where the detergent goes. Umm no cat nor dog did that! HA. So off to Lowes we go. Damn mouse. Of course I have a cat but he was useless before he got old! UGH.

Gretchen taking it easy
Ollie taking it easy
Gretchen in a rare naked moment (You can see her skin issues from her earlier life before we got her)
Bernie judging

Speaking of judging. Bernie is a great judger of people.


Still judging….
Note the shoes all piled on the shelves. Umm Bernie is a shoe thief.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. We had a very rainy day yesterday but today is nice. We need to work outside some today as I want to clean up my tack room (speaking of mice. UGH so many mouse poops everywhere), and get a stall ready for the prodigal son to come home next week! Otherwise it is Monday tomorrow. UGH Not feeling it.

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Scrubs was a classic show. ๐Ÿ™‚

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