Schnauzer Sunday on a Monday? Summertime is Hard!

Not a schnauzer nor an Ollie or Bernie!

First off, what a great long weekend but why did it go so fast? I completely forgot it was Sunday yesterday till about 9 pm then was like umm no Schnauzer Sunday again?? Fail for me. Oops. But for real, our weekend was so busy that it flew by. 

Ollie also wants to know where the weekend went!

Thursday is so long ago I can’t even remember what we did but sure we had some lawn work in there since it seems we have worked on the yard and fields the last few days. Never ending. Also the side by side is still in the shop so first world problems but damn we miss that thing. AND I BROKE THE TRACTOR (ON SATURDAY I THINK). And my lovely wonderful husband fixed it. How I don’t know!? I hit a pile of dirt hidden in some weeds in the paddock on Saturday and it really messed up the cover over the blades. Mark watched some youtube and spent about thirty minutes under it  (I had it up on the ledge going to the garage so he could get under there). I still can’t believe he fixed it. He is the MacGyver of all MacGyvers!

Image result for macgyver gif
My husband is totally MacGyver!

So that crisis was averted on taking another farm vehicle to the shop! Phew. The rest of the weekend consisted of me cussing people who love fireworks, locking Remus up two of the nights so he didn’t get spooked by said fireworks, and so on. OH AND TRYING TO STAY COOL. The humidity here is bad. And our AC is still struggling.

Bernie finds the floor is the coolest spot for a nap

Come to find out (I called in an independent HVAC company not using our home warranty chosen company) our A/C is still not fixed. If you remember the warranty company has been here at least 8 times to fix our HVAC issue and not fixed it. Three thermostats later, this new company tells us that this thermostat is still not the correct one. OH and the other company never even bothered to clean the filters that are in the upstairs (attic) part. For techs that spent a better part of 30-60 minutes each visit up there that is a huge thing to miss. (This tech said there is a blinking light right where the filters go that they should not have missed). Sigh.

Daily play time with Gretchen and Bernie is a must no matter the heat.

Anyway this tech got us running a bit better but until we get the correct thermostat we aren’t at capacity. Yes, a year later we finally got smart and got our own HVAC company. Hopefully they can figure it all out. (Meanwhile I have this new company writing a letter for us on all the issues the warranty company missed. Probably will end up with nothing gained but my satisfaction but anyway I am sending the home warranty a letter with the details their techs all missed).  I will keep you posted!

We had a visitor on Sunday morning who managed to wedge himself under our fence (he also managed to scare a certain buckskin to death, almost to pig craziness I kid you not). Horse is nuts. I dumped him in a stall and locked him up till he got over his stupidness. Seriously. As if he couldn’t outrun that damn turtle. EVEN Remus could do that! And it was NOWHERE near him at all.

Seriously horse grow a brain, thanks!

The turtle finally wriggled free but I was dreading having to try to unwedge him so was glad he figured it out. Yikes. Biggest snapping turtle I have ever seen! We also set up our trail cam this weekend. We have gotten a few photos of raccoons but not sure what the other photo is.

00000007.JPGDefinitely a raccoon here…(ps my husband needs to figure out the dates HA). However, this, I don’t think it is a raccoon. Maybe the camera skewed it and it is a raccoon? What do you guys think? The daytime shots are amazing clarity unfortunately the nighttime shots…are not. HA. But at least we have it up now!

Hit 1

Something is still pooping on our apartment stairs and in this yard. So we are trying to figure it out. This is a lot of poop, right for a small creature?


So busy weekend doing chores around the farm and keeping a certain buckskin cool as possible. We are still in a hot spell here so things continue to chug along. My poor husband also worked himself to the bone doing some landscaping stuff. I will post photos later this week. And I am hoping to maybe get a ride in this week maybe, possibly? I am still enjoying the new truck immensely. Ridgeline, what Ridgeline? HA!

Not been in new truck yet! Soon!

Did everyone have a good weekend?? Did yours fly by as well? Crazy how time does that!  Happy Monday (if there is such a thing)!

IMG_2702 (1).jpeg
Note Bernie is holding onto her unicorn while watching me cut grass (she keeps all her toys in that nook behind the bench for safe keeping) Ollie is just wondering where the damn side by side went! HA

8 thoughts on “Schnauzer Sunday on a Monday? Summertime is Hard!

  1. That is a big snapper! I wonder if a certain buckskin didn’t find out the hard way it bites?
    Hope you get your kubota back soon!
    I had to work Friday which was totally lame. But the weekend was nice!

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  2. I’m with Remus re: being freaked by the snapper. Those things can be vicious! *shudder* I’m sure he has the same visions I do of having a leg gobbled up by one 😉 Good on your for rescuing it out of its predicament though! You’re a better person than me.

    And that looks like coon skat to me. That really sucks that they’re still crapping all over! We’ve put out moth balls at 4-8ft intervals to discourage coons and skunks from coming into our yard with pretty decent results. Dunno if you have other creatures that might bother or not, but it’s an easy/cheap solution to consider.

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    1. yeah we have one baby raccoon that comes out during the day (he is maybe half grown) to feed on our bird feeders. And the one that we caught on the camera only at night. Critters. UGH. And yes that turtle was the stuff of nightmares…


  3. We had something pooping on our patio at night and FINALLY figured out what it was!! Thank god I’m not the only person who thinks mystery poop is a bloggable topic


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