Like Moths Drawn to A Flame

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Not easy to find a GIF with moths but this one made me giggle

Bugs. Tennessee has them for sure. We are surviving but the humidity and heat seems to bring the bugs out in droves.



I have a moth situation in my barn. I didn’t have a whole lot of moths till Tate left and Remus was in KY but now they are bad. How bad? This bucket was cleaned, scrubbed and filled with water the night before and this was the next morning. EVERY day the buckets are filled with moths. It is kind of gross. They are in the stalls and around my hay and in my tack room. I have dusted and scraped the doors and stall doors down and they are still there. Any moth-reducing ideas? It is getting annoying. They get stuck in everything. Gross.


Still bad though less intense. However Remus seems to be breaking out in hives now (or bug bites). He goes out overnight but I don’t put a fly sheet on him due to how humid it  is. Seeing this this morning makes me wonder if I should start sheeting him at night, poor guy. What do you do for hives/bug bites?

We still have the big bomber horseflies and a few greenheads and of course the black flies that love to bite. They are not as many but they are around. I just feel bad because unless he is in front of the fan in the barn he really has no relief from them.  Again they are SO much better than they were in June. He is just a delicate flower, I guess. A delicate wide load flower. You can see the bombers um bombing him as he walks to the gate for me. He takes his sweet time coming up (the gate is at the end of driveway and he walks down to the corner closest to the kitchen to look for me….and then has to walk all the way up. Hard life he has).

My Horse Is So Smart (Nope)

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I am finding out my horse is not the sharpest tool in the shed by a long shot. I was cutting grass the other day and he was out in his fly sheet and he had NO idea I was on the tractor and went by me eyes peeled on the front door of the house (wanting me to come bring him in). What a doofus right?

Last but not least this morning I put my horse out and he saw something scary.

What you ask scared my mighty buckskin horse? Well…it is pretty scary. Are you ready?


How dare the neighbors put out a horse-eating lawn chair? Right? OH HORSE sometimes you are too stupid for words. My horse. So proud of him.

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14 thoughts on “Like Moths Drawn to A Flame

  1. Oh Remus…

    Batt broke out in hives ALL SUMMER last year. He’s been on generic zyrtec this year to see if it helps his breathing (nope, not really), but no hives so yay? Just a thought… He gets 10 pills 2x/day. But who knows if he’d need that much to control the hives.

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    don’t worry, the bugs have been awful up here too. I think it was how wet the fall was last year – it’s just going to fuck us forever, apparently. At least he’s got a fly sheet. He’s just going to have to deal!!

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  3. We’ve had the loveliest weather this summer thus far and yet the flies are BAD. I’ve never used a fly sheet but am actually considering it this year. June has all the bites on her chest. Ugh.

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    1. yes he had his fly sheet on last nite and is in the front field now, once I take his sheet off I will see if I should call my vet or not. Hopefully the fly sheet helped. Poor delicate Remus HA! Thanks


  4. We’re all about benadryl for bug bites up here. In a barn full of delicate princess OTTBs, it seems like someone is always on it at some point during the summer!

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  5. Wow that’s an insane amount of moths!

    Annie is having a hard time with the bugs this year, too. Her fly sheet has been causing rubs along her withers, so unfortunately we have since ditched that… so other than fly spray, she wears a fly mask. I’ll have to keep Carly’s recommendation in mind tho with the benadryl, I’m sure it would help bc altho Annie is only 1/2 TB, she has the most sensitive skin in the world.

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