Schnauzer Sunday

Yesterday taking Remus out front you can see the clouds were rolling in. A storm came when I was trying to get him up. That was fun. Not.

Relatively little going on for Schnauzer Sunday.  It has been a busy weekend until today now that the rain has hit us.

Sleepy time here in Tennessee, it was 95 and heat index 105 yesterday today is 70 and chilly and rainy. Going to rain the next four days. Then turn hot. Fun right?  We did lawn work yesterday before the rain moved in. Remus is actually out today that shows how cool it is. No bugs.

Image result for ugh monday gif
Me most weekends

Hope everyone had a productive, fun-filled weekend. Following some of you, I know some of you did! UGH Monday is here almost.  Weekends really should get longer right?

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Still me most Sundays!

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