Fix A Flat(Hoof)

Rain in August? In Tennessee. Sigh…(Can you see how much rain came down in such a short amount of time). It is crazy this is supposed to be our ‘dry season’

We have had a shit ton of rain the last few days. It is really bad. And still hot so it is just moist wet ground and air. ICK. Fun times in Tennessee right?

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The farrier came by on Wednesday and managed to fix Remus’s foot up at least to usable status I hope. I had A/C people here at the same time (whole other story the saga continues but it is working now sooooo) and had to run inside to do something with them so I ended up leaving Remus groundtied in the aisle while the farrier did him. To give Remus credit, he never moved. I mean two shoes and two back feet trims and the horse just dozed. Sometimes I do like him. A lot.

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Remus sometimes

My farrier also stated he wants to come back in life as one of my horses. He loves doing Remus’s feet cause of the comfy set up I have in my barn. Fans galore and screened doorways so no bugs and plenty of light. He grumbled as he left that he didn’t want to go the next place due to having his expectations so high now. HA!

Anyway here is the before:


And here is the after (That is mud over the crack I will get better photos another day LOL) He was being grumpy this am and wanted his breakfast.


Farrier said we will keep an eye on it and do him in five weeks this time. He just grows so long a toe (Remus not the farrier). I swear if Remus could grow gold nuggets instead we would be set. Nope long toe it is! Fine. I will get the White Lightning Sarah and Emily suggested (thanks guys for keeping me on the straight path!)

IMG_2950 (1).jpeg
Someone is grumpy from the rain (Oh wait he is just grumpy, look at those dapples). No ribs to be seen..hahahaha

Otherwise work is nuts (nothing new there) and I hope to get a lesson in this weekend!! Now that my horse has four full tires again! We are ready to roll!

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10 thoughts on “Fix A Flat(Hoof)

  1. Your farrier did a great job with that! Mine like my barn too, the rubber floors makes them happy. However, the mess they make of my rubber floor does not make me happy…
    Glad Remus is patched up! Hope the rain stops so you can go ride!

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