Sometimes I Just Wonder

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My life in a nutshell

Things never seem to go to plan lately. Schnauzer Saturday or Sunday didn’t happen just because we were so busy. And sometimes I just wonder what it would be like some days to have my horse at a boarding barn so the actual riding COULD happen? Yeah that is what I dream about some nights. Like I LOVE having him outside my back door but would love to teleport him to a barn with a nice ring at least twice a week. Come on SCIENCE catch up!

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I would also like Tennessee to cooperate in some tiny way toward the possiblity of actually riding my horse if not at home at least off the farm. Torrential rain, yep last Wed-Friday….then when it stopped raining finally (some areas around us got over 5 inches in one day!) the humidity creeped(NO, NOT CREEPED, LEAPED!) back in.Β  The horse flies have also returned here at home, they aren’t as bad as before but are still making my horse bloody if he is outside (though the rest of the normal flies are pretty much nonexistent? Go figure.)

How many fans can you use to keep one horse cool? Count them! (You don’t even see the other big one from here) πŸ™‚Β 

I was supposed to have a lesson this weekend but between the rain leaving flooding and the heat/humidity that didn’t happen. I didn’t even want to haul him it was that hot with no air flow at all. Even my trailer as ventilated as it is, it is hot air blowing in as you drive down the highway. Fingers crossed I get another one on the schedule this week in the late evening. The temps aren’t that high but the humidity puts the heat index into the 110 margins. So hot enough to fry an egg probably!

Life is good Remus says, fans, food, and shade. Who needs riding!

We mowed grass all Saturday morning and the heat sucked the life out of me the rest of the day. Then yesterday evening we hung another gate down the drive so I don’t have to walk so far to put Remus out in the front field (Or drive so far in the side by side). Speaking of that fun little vehicle I managed to smash the top of my hand (right under where the knuckles start) against a post while driving through a gate. Don’t ask but it hurt mightily. I thought I broke something it was so swollen but it is better now but don’t touch it thanks!! HA. I am an idiot. I may have said some cuss words as well. It was one of those stupid why did I do that things.

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I seem to do a lot of them lately, I have bruises I have no idea where I get them from. The heat just makes you a zombie at times.Β  But even though it was hot we still kept busy doing farm things.Β  Remus maybe gets out a couple hours in the evening or in the am depending on bugs but is mostly indoors lately. Sounds like we might get a wee break later this week fingers crossed. I have SO MUCH grass and not enough horses (or horse) eating it!

So now it is Monday. I feel the same as my dogs about Monday. They spend a lot of time cooling out in the ac (which is working now! Finally!). I hope everyone had better riding weekends than I did.Β  I know Emily did! #sojealous #canimovetoKY #toohottowalklateralonejumporcanter! πŸ™‚

20 thoughts on “Sometimes I Just Wonder

  1. I rode Saturday, does that count? And Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I think a certain pinto was sick of me…

    I thought about riding Batt but by the time I got hay cleaned stalls and did chores and made belts and… yeah. Next weekend I’m hauling out. As of 10:55am my trailer has new tires. We are going somewhere even if it’s just to use the ring…


    1. ha come see me in the late Fall. it is effing GLORIOUS HERE πŸ™‚ HA HA a great state to visit. Actually i wish we lived on the otherside of TN I think they get much better weather 😦


  2. I dream about having my own barn/farm/acreage to ride on so wanna switch?? Yours is a good reality check for me. Also, there’s no winning – I’ve had to ride when it’s 100 degrees. In the blazing sun. We don’t move very fast, but on the plus side, the heat has made for a very good mare

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    1. Yes i will swap with you. πŸ™‚ HA And yes there is no winning. And my horse was leaping and bucking in the field the other day on his own so I dont think it is making him lazy at all πŸ™‚ HA

      I think i am a great reality check for people who want their horses at home. I LOVE It but…I don’t at times πŸ™‚


  3. aw man, the idea of having my own farm sounds so amazing and wonderful except, uh, yea i’m pretty spoiled to the amenities of boarding (like all that extra time haha). hopefully your humidity breaks soon! also i like the butterfly background πŸ˜‰

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    1. Yeah it sounds so good on paper except you can never go away, and never really are off. (NOW If i had moved where there plenty of help to ‘babysit’ maybe). Thanks i like the butterflies too. I need to get riding again to get some more photos of Remus instead of recycling over and over!! πŸ™‚


  4. I’m screaming on behalf of your hand. I’ve done similar things and it is the WORST. I hope it feels better soon!

    And dang, that really is the life that Remus is living. So many fans. Looks heavenly.

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