Schnauzer Sunday

Innocent right? DO NOT BELIEVE it! 🙂

Remus was a star yesterday at the show but more to come tomorrow on that. A week from Tuesday I am off to NOLA for our conference. UGH. But for now, enjoy Schnauzer Sunday!!

Ollie got a ride on his side by side this weekend, he enjoyed it greatly! 🙂

Remus is back home now. He spent most of last night screaming for his friends and I was out in the dark pasture looking for him last night sure he had escaped (He hadn’t, he was back up to the barn by then we must have passed each other somehow). I had a minor heart attack but all was well and I locked him in his paddock over night just to play it safe!

Image result for safe gif

Today he is a bit more relaxed and was even out in the field till about 830 before the bugs chased him in and now he is tucked in front of all his fans. IT IS HOT still. VERY HOT! UGH. He is pretty spoiled however. Which anyone who knows him already realizes this!

These dogs are also so spoiled, I tell you!

Operation clean up started today (The Brits arrive in a couple weeks!) so I was going through comforters, etc. Ollie and Gretchen decided anything on the floor was theirs for the taking.

Ollie also took over one of our new pillows from Kohl’s. Warm fuzzy pillows in 95 degree weather. UGH we will need them one day, right?? Maybe…

Bernie also enjoys the fuzzy pillows. Useless, I tell you all of them!! Until tomorrow, Happy Schnauzer Sunday!! For now, spoiler alert, fat buckskin in dressage.

How cute is he?? I may be biased I know!

8 thoughts on “Schnauzer Sunday

    1. Most of mine aren’t schnauzer but some mix. Gretchen is the only real schnauzer I have now. We have had 4 schnauzers! Love them!!! Bernie probably (head shot) probably has a minute amount of schnauzer in her, I should do a DNA test on her!) Thanks!

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    1. It is definitely better weather coming. Tho 95 the rest of this week and then high of 70s and lows of 50s next week…when I am away for Conference. WHOMP WHOMP 🙂 Glad you have such faith in us I sure don’t I thought i was going to vomit again (But that may have been the sun and heat there not actual nerves HA)

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