We Lived, We Jumped, We Didn’t Die!

Someone is back in full stalker mode this morning….

So Remus and I went to the show on Saturday. It was a combined training series show that we went to in June. They have one more and hopefully they move to November so I can attend it and then maybe we can qualify for the championships since we now won 2 of them (ha spoiler alert??) In fact June is probably the LAST time I jumped a full course (in June) with Remus and off we went to this show. Yeah I am nuts. Thank goodness my horse is (semi) willing!


IMG_3396 (1)
not tripping for once

Remus was already at the show so that helped me immensely Saturday morning so I only had to load all my stuff in the truck and head south! Once I got to the show, I unloaded all said stuff and then went and got Remus in from his paddock. We had about an hour for our dressage test and it was already getting hot so I started (slowly) tacking him up.

There was a slight delay with dressage starting so I warmed up in the big ring while they worked down on the grass ring for dressage. Remus managed to almost fall on his face tripping three times so I was like oh great this is going to go WONDERFULLY. HA I only did some loose stretchy trot for a few minutes, got him to bend a bit at the trot, realized I should have not have switched bits (UGH), then did some stretchy walk and called ourselves warmed up (just a walk trot test whew).

We wandered up to the grass ring and by the time I got up there they had caught up so I was next. Oops. Quick trot around the ring and she rang the whistle and in we went. Sidebar: It is quite funny to listen to the comments as Remus comes up to the ring. Remus fan club you are still growing! There is a dip in that grass ring still and Remus managed to trip going through it (pretty much most horses did so the judge ignored it, she told us this right away!). Otherwise he was pretty damn good. Like steady in the contact. I screwed up since I switched back to his baucher right before dressage. Usually that lightens him up. UM no. He was leaning and even too far down in the poll which she dinged us on. But he got some 7s and 7.5 with a sprinkling of 6.5s and he was very obedient and willing throughout. We got good scores on his halts (both of them, who is this horse) and even one circle. WHAT? Also got a “What a fun pair.” Ha I often think judges like Remus and me cause we look so much alike (Short and wide!).


He really is getting so consistent and if I had left the loose ring snaffle on his bridle, I think we might have had a better test. Oh well, live and learn. He was so good and we were in the lead after that! (So I feel a bit bad about beating kids but anyway).

Both of us need weight loss programs but isn’t he the cutest??

I was really pleased with him. He ended up going back into his stall to cool off while we had 4 (FOUR) hours to waste till jumping. UGH. But he didn’t care he had hay and a fan. I was hotter but I found shade.

Then it ended up moving faster than I thought (No clue since we started later) but it was only 1 and my jump time was 210 and I saw them lowering the jumps to my height. Wait, what? So I ran in to start getting ready. My friend Steph came and said they were waiting for me. And I was like ummm my time is 2:10, I will be out there asap. I came out, got on, and went into the other ring to trot and canter some to get my horse WOKE UP. OMG so sleepy. IT WAS SO HOT BY THEN I felt sick. So not only nerves but heat stroke. YAY?

Image result for it is hot gif
Totally my thoughts while warming up!

I feel like vomiting even writing this. It was SO hot and my horse was SO LAZY and this was going to be a train wreck I knew it. And damn it I wanted to win. LOL (Note to myself maybe ride and jump more and I would not feel like this every DAMN TIME? HA)

Anyway away we went. The jump judge told me I could pop over a warm up jump in the ring quick (since they had no warm up jumps in the other ring) so I did. THANK GOD I DID because my moron horse pretty much knocked it down. Rails akimbo. Umm this is encouraging.

Image result for annihilation gif
my thoughts again after knocking the warm up jump down. UGH

So off I went, cracked Remus (really my boot not him but he bucked so it worked and he woke the eff up!) with my crop and away we went. He was sluggish and sullen but he jumped EVERYTHING. I literally yelled him over the last fence. Fat Buckskin was SO TIRED by then. But he was a star and went clear. If I hadnt done that warm up jump I am sure we would have had rails. I swear my horse jumps by Braille. LMAO! For those gluttons for punishment enjoy below. (OMG so many feelings my horse has)!

Remus did get a cheer from the crowd and so many pats from me. He was such a good boy as hot as it was. Like he could have been a TOTAL shit and I could have understand!! What a good fat buckskin he was. I literally slid from his saddle as I came thru the gate and had to go stand in the shade with him, till I could breathe again. OMG so hot. SO HOT.

Image result for heat wave gif
How  I felt

But we survived, Remus got a cool bath before being tucked back into his stall while I loaded up all our shit back into the truck and hooked up the trailer. And then we walked out to everyone and they had done ribbons without me. But then they gave me my blue ribbon. YAY! We had finished on dressage. BEST BUCKSKIN EVER. And I loaded him up and brought him home. Also drank two bottles of tea, one bottle of water, and a diet coke on way home (Only an hour drive). I think I MAY have been a wee bit dehydrated by then. And air conditioning was like on 11! HA seriously overheated. Phew.

Most people saw this on Insta but just in case 🙂 We also got a gift certificate to a tack shop!!

So next plans are, I have a lesson this Friday at the hunter barn then a show there on Saturday!! Both days are like high 70s/ low 80’s (Yes please) so yay? Let’s hope Remus doesn’t throw a shoe he is overdue and his farrier is away on a ride (again). OMG I want a farrier who doesn’t go on week long trail rides!! Is that too much to ask??

Related image

SO we went, we showed, we won!! Not bad in 96 degree heat! 🙂


25 thoughts on “We Lived, We Jumped, We Didn’t Die!

  1. Omg that video was the best. Congrats on a win! You guys did a really good job. I definitely don’t think I would be able to do that right now and I probably ride and jump a bit more often than you do. He’s such a good fat buckskin. 🙂


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